Monday, 14 December 2015


Over the weekend my partner and I went and looked at some rental properties, we are looking at getting a unit a bit closer to town and closer to the beach (yay!). I've made the huge mistake of falling madly love with a place that we have applied for...I've been day dreaming about setting it up to be my perfect pastel wonderland and now I have to sit back and wait patiently with all of my fingers and toes crossed. Hopefully my next post will be one of excitement and not a real estate induced broken heart.

In the theme of interior decorating I did my first DIY update on a glossy black mirror that I have had forever (I might post a pic next week). It's currently setting in a gorgeous shade of pastel mint, it was actually a lot easier than I expected and is making me want to maybe try my hand at a few more DIY furniture updates. I've always wanted to paint my desk pastel pink so that might be a project I'll get into pretty soon.

I really need to also get stuck back into my sewing, I'm not in a rut with it, the total opposite in fact. Since I got back from Tokyo I am feeling over inspired, I don't know if that makes a lot of sense. I think being there made me feel so inspired and made me want to do so many creative projects that I am procrastinating by daydreaming about all the millions of things I want to do but not actually getting anything done. Time for some lists and time management! xx


  1. love this outfit, especially your purse! And best of luck with your application, hope you get in
    and best of luck with all your sewing projects!

  2. look like Alice from Wonderland :)) nice

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