Monday, 7 August 2017


If you don't follow me on instagram or aren't one of my facebook friends, you are potentially thinking I look a lil different in my most recent outfit photo. It is with great excitement I share the news that my partner and I are expecting a baby in January, 2018!
This blog for me has always been a "lifestyle blog" so naturally (when I remember to post) the content will shift with the shift in my life. I know there is an overwhelming amount of mummy bloggers and I don't see that being the direction I head in (although I don't say that with one hundred percent certainty) but rather a place to share fashion adjustments and more pregnancy and baby focused wish lists. If there is anything in particular you are wanting to see me post, please comment and let me know :) 

I am heading towards the half way mark of pregnancy and I still have that feeling like I have fudged my resume and gotten a job I wasn't quite qualified for. From multiple conversations I am starting to realise that it isn't a feeling that will necessarily go away and like any new job you sort of have to sit at your unfamiliar desk smiling, looking busy and acting like you got this.... hoping that eventually the whole fake it till you make it will come to fruition.  

When I was in the sixth grade I cut my hair off into a bob cut, I got home and tried on all my clothes but nothing looked quite right. I remember looking in the mirror and howling with regret over my new hair cut because now I needed a whole new wardrobe to match my whole new hair, which as a sixth grader earning approx zero dollars was not going to happen. Eventually I adjusted to my new hair cut and my clothes began to look normal and everything was fine. This flashback is a pretty accurate summary of how I feel about my current wardrobe, nothing I own looks quite right. I don't have time to adjust to my new body like I did my sixth grade hair cut because it is constantly changing. 

As women, (not discounting men's feelings, just not something I have experience with) we spend our whole lives with such a strong focus on our physical appearance with a pressure to have our bodies look a certain way. We are continually crushed under the weight of a societal pressure that tells us that one of the worst things you can be is "fat" or "big", just to clarify this is not a point of view I agree with (if not obvious). So after thirty two years of having this drilled into me I am suppose to be instantly comfortable with my growing, bigger, fatter body. I look at other women bigger than myself and think they look glowing and radiant but personally I haven't adjusted to this unfamiliar body and I don't have time to feel comfortable with it because it keeps changing. Once you are pregnant it is like it become taboo to talk about  your body in a negative way because as a walking baby oven you are suppose to be this wonderful,happy, glowing beacon of light. To concern yourself with such trivial things like body image seems to be seen as superficial, yet at the same time you are also suppose to be navigating people commenting on your growing appearance daily. 

This is probably all coming across as a bit negative but I felt like it was something I wanted to write down because it is a part of my current journey and I am sure a lot of other women's. The way I dress is a huge part of my identity and not being able to wear a lot of my clothing this early on has made me feel a little lost in myself.  So now I am going to force myself to see this as a challenge to find the pieces that make me feel comfortable and fit my aesthetic and to work with what I have got in my wardrobe that fits. So far I have found most maternity clothing to be so boring, if you don't wear black, grey, white, navy or striped very few stores cater for you. I feel like I have rambled on a fair bit so far so I might leave maternity clothing exploration for the next post. xx

Mel Stringer Earrings - Etsy

Donut Bag - Kmart Kids
Jaded London Festival Sequn Bomber Jacket - Asos

Pastel Necklace - Sad Gal Craft
Maternity Bardot Dress with Half Sleeve - ASOS
Nike Roshe BR - Hype DC

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


I did have grand plans to be super productive and get stuck into sewing during the uni holidays but I've spent half of it with back pain and am now sick. I think sometimes it's good for your body to force you to take it easy and relax. I have been thoroughly enjoying finally watching Ru Paul's drag race on Stan, the fashion and outfits are amazing. I got my first semester results back and I am happy with how I went but also motivated to manage my time better so that I can do even better next semester. The only other exciting news I have to share in this post is that I managed to get a Paul McCartney ticket so I am super excited to go and see him play in December xx

Vintage Gold Shell Belt - Thrifted this ages ago 
Mint Ice Cream Necklace - Melody Ehsani
Peach Mermaid Clam Shell Bag - Kids section at Kmart 
Vanilla Ice Cream Ring - Melody Ehsani

Pastel Striped Vintage Dress - American Vintage on Melrose

Ice Cream Socks - Asos
Mint Croc Stan Smiths - Adidas

JULY 2017 - Wish List

Barbara Pink Gingham Sunglasses - Poppy Lissiman

Princess Team Oversize Tee - Local Heroes

Care Bear Classic PJ Pant - Peter Alexander

Tori Mermaid Tote - Dollskill
Care Bear Slippers - Peter Alexander

Mono Canvas Old Skool Peach Blush - Vans

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Half way through the year,,, how did that sneak up? I know I have been atrocious at posting this year outside of my America tour diary post (they took me forever as well). I think I have lost my social media mojo.. I don't even know if that is a word people use anymore. This year has been tough so far, it started with crushingly difficult personal stuff that I am still working through and I think because of that I felt/feel less inclined to share/expose myself online. Maybe eventually I will write about it but at the moment it is all a bit to raw. 

I started my degree which has been wonderful and thoroughly challenging so far. I think going into it I knew that there would be a lot of study but I didn't quite understand just how much it was and the length of time and the endless hurdles. Don't get me wrong I do think the road to being a registered Psychologist should be a difficult one because you end up in a position with a lot of responsibility, that if not thoroughly trained for and taken very seriously could result in some pretty awful things. I think I just had that moment where I was really questioning if this was a really wanted, if this is what I wanted to commit to,  a pathway that will likely mean I will be studying/ training for the next ten years. I think I convinced myself to get through the semester and then see how I feel and once I told myself that it seem to make me feel more solid in my choice. I really do love the content, I love everything I am learning about and feel excited to learn more. But I must admit I am grateful for exams to be over and a bit of a break for mid semester. xx 

Pastel Vintage Dress - American Vintage

Paste rainbow mini back pack - Forever 21
Pink pom pom - Urban outfitters

Toy Store Little Bo Peep Old Skool Highs - Vans