Wednesday, 30 November 2016

DECEMBER 2016 - Wish list

December, the time of year where you treat everyone else.....but if you were going to treat yourself these would be my top picks... xx

Victorious Dress Pink - Beginning Boutique

Motel Corsica Play suit - Dollskill

Metallic Pleated Plisse Wide Leg Cropped Trousers - ASOS
Scoops A Lot Tote - Iron Fist 

Donut Care Bear Super Platform - Iron Fist

Stella McCartney Rainbow I phone Case - Net-a-porter

Serafina Nereid Seashell Bikini - Margarita Mermaid

Bunny Holiday Suga BB Vinyl Skirt - Dollskill
Sequin Unicorn Mum Jeans by Kuccia - Topshop

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

SWEET ACCESSORIES - Saturday Lollipop

I think it was about a year and a half ago when I was walking down Darby Street and went into this cute little store called Blackbird Corner. If you are ever in Newcastle I would recommend checking it out as they stock lots of amazing things from small business. Instantly something caught my eye it was a silver chain with a miniature Bubble O' Bill  on it. It was one of those day before pay days, super broke so I uhmmed and ahhed about it for a few minutes. Finally I decided that if I went home with out it and came back at a later date to get it and it was gone I would be completely devastated. So I handed over my card with one hand and crossed my fingers with the other and I took the traditional day before pay day  deep breathe. APPROVED! and honestly it has been one of my most favourite accessory purchases. I wear my Bubble O' Bill necklace all the time and get complimented on it every time I do. 

When I got home I looked up the maker of the necklace, a label called Saturday Lollipop on instagram. It was like someone had made  accessories just for me, one of those confusing moments where you don't understand how someone you don't know knows your taste so well hehe. There was image after image of delicious miniature sweet treats, cupcakes, iced vo-vo's, tiny teddies and more. It absolutely blows my mind that Ellie  hand makes these amazing creations out of polymer clay. I had to share some images of some of the amazing Saturday Lollipop styles I got in the mail the other day. Can't wait to put these back with outfits xx
To purchase any of these goodies or to check out the range head to Saturday Lollipop
Or check it out on instagram @saturdaylollipop

Sunday, 27 November 2016


A couple of posts ago I was talking about some of the things that have happened this year in order to do a quick catch up on what has been happening in my life while I got a bit slack with this blog. One of the major things that has happened is quitting smoking and I thought I would go into a bit more detail about how I went about it. I had been a smoker for over 15 years, putting a number to it like that is kind of scary. Over the last few years when I thought about how long I have been smoking it made me feel nervous but I would squash it down with, I don't drink and smoking is my one vice so it's o.k. Good rationale right?  I had tried to quit smoking once before, it was in my early 20's and lasted nearly six months. That attempt involved using nicotine patches and totally cutting out cigarettes but I didn't cope with the weight gain. I put on 10kgs and wasn't feeling great about myself, so when I spent the weekend with some friends who smoked my weakened resolve dissipated. Time and time you hear people talk about not even one when it comes to addictions. This was one hundred percent true in my case, one cigarette and I was back to it. I think being 20, there was a part of me that still felt invincible and unaffected by the potential health side effects of smoking. I don't think I felt strongly enough like I wanted to quit, maybe more that I wanted to see If I could quit.

Fast forward 12 years and I have decided now is the time to quit. I still love/d smoking, but it is more in the same way you love someone you are in a shitty relationship with. The good parts don't outweigh the bad parts and so much of it is just routine and fear of change. I will be honest a huge part of me not quitting smoking was fear of gaining weight, I understand people might judge that but I think it is a pretty common thing for smokers. I had a mental list of good vs bad reason to smoke/ not to smoke that went something like this:

I love smoking
Perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee
Thing to do while waiting for bus/train
Something to do with my hands
Something to do in social situations
Not gaining weight
Something to use as a reward

Death (pretty big one)
Can't have a family one day whilst smoking
Being controlled by the need to smoke
Feeling irritable when I can't have one
No one really smokes anymore
My partner
Poor use of time

My partner never nagged me about smoking and I think that actually helped me to quit. I never felt pressured and I got to decide when without feeling like I had a parental figure breathing down my neck about it. Even though he never nagged me about it I knew it worried him, it felt like a really average thing to do to someone I loved. I think my trip to Japan really showed me what a pain being a smoker was. You can't smoke anywhere on the streets, it needs to be in designated smoking area and it became almost frustrating being so controlled that our movements had to be based on ensuring there was a near by smoking spot. I could write paragraph after paragraph of reasons why I should quit but the bottom line is eventually I knew I would need to quit. Eventually came on the 24th of Jul which means I have now been a non smoker for just over four months. 

It has not been easy and there was a but of preparation work involved. I made sure that I didn't quit before mid semester exams and that I would have been well and truly quit by end of year exams. Before I quit I used an app called LIVESTRONG to cut down. The cutting down was awful and I felt like towards the end the severe withdrawals I felt were in the cut down period as opposed to when I completely quit. In the week before I completely quit I was down to two cigarettes a day and I found that it was all I would think about was my morning smoke and my one before bed (the hardest to give up). I bailed all together when I got to my allowance of one a day, it sounds weird but one would have been worse than none. I had headaches, I was an asshole, the withdrawals really, really sucked but I knew if I had one it was all over red rover. I set the lock screen on my phone as a Henry Rollins quote which said "Do it or don't. It's amazing how many things in life are that easy." that helped, it summarised how I felt, breaking and smoking just wasn't an option because I had committed to quitting. I switched to a new app called Quit Pro, I think I didn't want to see the record of my cutting down and just wanted a fresh app that would tell me how long  I had been without a cigarette. For the first couple of weeks I used the nicorette quickmist spray and then chupa chups became my best friend. I think the most important thing was reminding myself that whatever I was feeling it was going to pass, withdrawals do not stay forever and you just have to wait it out or distract yourself. At times it did feel like they would never end but four months on I don't have any cravings. 

When I am around smokers I still enjoy the smell of cigarettes but the smell of it second hand on someone makes me feel ill. I have gained weight and I find that really hard and don't feel comfortable in my skin at the moment but looking after my body is far more important than the pressure I put on myself to look a certain way. It doesn't seem like many people smoke anymore so I don't know if this post will be particularly helpful to anyone but it feels cathartic to get it all out. xx

Heart Lollipop Heart Earrings - WC 
Donut Bow Necklace - Lucky Dip Club

Sugarpills Pastel Maxi Dress - Dollskill

Alexander McQueen Skull Ring - Net-a-porter
Pink Holographic Skirt - American Apparel 

 Clean Mika Boot - Sportsgirl

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Facebook "on this day" has been reminding that this time last year I was on my first overseas trip to Japan.  A year on when I think about Tokyo I get a feeling of homesickness. It sounds weird to feel homesick about a place that isn't your home but there was something about being there that just felt instantly comfortable. If you would like to see some of the things I purchases while I was there you can check it out here. I am really keen to get back to Japan over the next few years. At the moment though I need to be saving my pennies for a an upcoming trip in January to America.

I will be going to New York for a week and then off to Los Angeles for two weeks. It is more of a music working trip for my partner so the finer details are all in his capable hands. I am a little bit nervous about the temperatures in New York, which are looking to be -3 degrees, eeeeep! I have never been in temperatures that cold and can't really get my head around how to dress for it, If anyone has any tips please comment below. I figure I will have to rug up when walking around but am unsure about if that will then mean being to warm and uncomfy inside if I am wearing thermals. Again any tips, please leave comments! :) Also any must see, do ideas are more than welcome. xx

Be Mine Clip On Heart Earrings - Tokyo

Unicorn Badge - Nile Perch
Candy Heart Love Neclace - WEGO

Ruffle Sweetheart Dress - Nadia

Lazy Oaf Waste of Time Ruffle Socks - Dollskill
Holographic Snake Print Oxfords - ASOS