Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Life has been pretty eventful over the last of weeks with a lot of upcoming changes happening, all wonderful and terrifying. One of the results of the changes is me reassessing my wardrobe size, I am feeling ill typing this because I never cull my clothing. I have a huge wardrobe and actually wear about 10% of it, I feel pretty comfortable writing this here because I know that a lot of you reading are in the exact same boat.  

I will be honest, I am not going to clear out a whole heap of it but I want to make a more active effort to wear more of it and then make decisions on what is really just taking up space. I have also put myself on a spending ban for the next few months.... again another thing that makes me feel ill. I have already been a week a half without treating myself, which is pretty monumental for me and I am very interested in any spending ban tips you want to share? 

Over the next few months if I can stick to plans, you will be seeing a bit more of the back log of my wardrobe. Wish me luck! xo

Unif Space Platforms  - These are old season now but I have only worn them maybe twice? They are super tall with minimal support and they absolutely terrify me. On this particular day, I proved my fear of them was warranted when I managed to take a tumble in them. I can't bare to part with them though because they are so dreamy.

Pastel Striped Dress - Etsy - This dress is one of my all time favorite Etsy purchases. Its a lovely cut, comfy summer fabric and the most beautiful colour palette.  "Pastel Stripe" is one of my regular keyword searches when trawling the vintage section of Etsy. 

Monday, 20 October 2014


Bit of a casual look and a definite go to outfit during the working week. I did wake up with the plan to just chuck on a band shirt and jeans but it was such a sunny day I felt like a bit of colour was essential. 

AS Colour singlet with a bit of DIY pastel pom pom detail. I'll pop the step by step down below for anyone interested. 
Pastel Heart Ring that was a little too big for me so put it on a chain - ASOS

Ok two trends I had skimmed right over or maybe am just late to the party:

Disney Princess Tights - Black Milk -  These tights were a gift for my birthday and are the first item of Black Milk that I have owned.  The first time I saw the galaxy leggings, I thought they were super cute but the market was quickly saturated and they lost their appeal. 
 I guess maybe that is a bit of why I hadn't gone out of my way to buy anything Black Milk. Even though I have seen pieces that are cute, the idea of spending that amount of money on a pair of tights and then seeing knock offs every where. Having said that now that I own a pair and have left the beautiful quality and the luxurious hand feel, I may be having a shift in my opinion.

Chuck Taylor in Optical White - Converse - Considering that I work in the head office for Converse, I really don't know why it has taken me so long to get a pair of these shoes. I am absolutely adoring white sneakers for Spring/Summer  and they seem to go with everything I own. It's a big call but I think these will be one of my favorite purchases of the year.

Ok super simple tutorial, I had a couple of AS Colour white singlets left over from sampling. I really haven't worn them much so thought I might give them a little cute make over.
 I purchased this pastel pom pom trip from Spotlight about 2 years ago, they do still have it in stock if you are interested. I thought it was really sweet but it has remained in my box of trims since purchasing.
 Step 1: Measure of your trim to the edge of your singlet. I just measure of one edge and then cut two pieces based on that but oddly one piece was a little bit out. I would recommend measuring your pieces of each sleeve, just to be safe.
 Step 2: Pin your trim to the edge (right side) with your pom pom's facing out ( away from the garment). You have two options with this, you could pin it to the wrong side so that just pom pom's show but I actually really like the look of the braiding
 Step 3: Stitch on using a zig zag stitch or hand sew if you aren't terribly impatient like me :)
 Also helps to have a little sewing helper friend, thanks Ruby Soho...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


There has started to be some absolutely magnificent days on the weekend, even getting up to 27 degrees! I am so excited to start wearing my Spring/Summer clothing again! Unfortunately during the week it has still been dropping right down with that awful icy Melbourne wind, so not quite time to pack away the coats. 
 I've been in a bit of a rut with my sewing lately and I am hoping the warmer weather will start getting me inspired again to make some pretty summer dresses in cute prints. Stay tuned xo

Rib Crop Tee - Top Shop - I got this in a pastel pink as well, really reasonably priced and cute colourways. 
Flamingo Necklace - Lovisa

Pastel Friendship Bracelet - Made by my lovely sister
Vanuatu Sarong/Skirt - I walked into my local thrift store recently and they had a basket labelled dress ups. I guess they put the things in there that they thought were a bit out there for casual wear. It was pretty much a goldmine for me! I walked away with this tropical cutie and a few more pieces I am sure you will see over Summer :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I did take my camera away to Newcastle with me with the intention to keep a photo blog of my adventures. Unfortunately I am hopeless at remembering to carry my camera with me as I usually use my camera on my phone. On the day of my actual birthday my camera wouldn't switch on at all but oddly started working the second I got home...Thankfully my beautiful best friend brought a camera along and captured some of the memories of what could only be described as a magical day. 

It was a beautiful sunny day in Newcastle in a park that over looks the beach. I got the privilege of spending the day with a group of funny, smart and inspiring women who went out of their way to make me feel incredibly special and loved. 

There are A LOT of photos but it was a special day and  wanted to have the bulk of them up in one location but apologies for the my face overload.


I have never lost my 5 year old child level of excitement when opening presents, In fact I was so excited about Hello Kitty boxer shorts from the lovely Samara and Aimee that I couldn't wait till I got home to try them on hehe :)


It tasted as good as it looks :)
 had to kiss the closest boy xx

Special mentions must go to my little sister J, for being the most organised person I know. She got the amazing balloons that spelt my name, made a delicious iced coffee and had every little detail thoughtfully sorted down to a tea.

The magnificent Rina for her balloon pumping skills and heart shaped scones.

Aimee for making me realise there is no point in attempting to make cakes because she will always be 800 hundred times better at it than everyone. The Hello Kitty is hand piped!!

Little Clare for bringing fudge that I need to get the recipe for and of course bringing the very handsome Ollie.

And my best friend in the whole world, my beautiful Megan. There aren't words for how grateful I am for how much you always do for me. You are my ray of sunshine and I look forward to spending my 40th, 50th, 100th birthday with you xo