Monday, 20 October 2014


Bit of a casual look and a definite go to outfit during the working week. I did wake up with the plan to just chuck on a band shirt and jeans but it was such a sunny day I felt like a bit of colour was essential. 

AS Colour singlet with a bit of DIY pastel pom pom detail. I'll pop the step by step down below for anyone interested. 
Pastel Heart Ring that was a little too big for me so put it on a chain - ASOS

Ok two trends I had skimmed right over or maybe am just late to the party:

Disney Princess Tights - Black Milk -  These tights were a gift for my birthday and are the first item of Black Milk that I have owned.  The first time I saw the galaxy leggings, I thought they were super cute but the market was quickly saturated and they lost their appeal. 
 I guess maybe that is a bit of why I hadn't gone out of my way to buy anything Black Milk. Even though I have seen pieces that are cute, the idea of spending that amount of money on a pair of tights and then seeing knock offs every where. Having said that now that I own a pair and have left the beautiful quality and the luxurious hand feel, I may be having a shift in my opinion.

Chuck Taylor in Optical White - Converse - Considering that I work in the head office for Converse, I really don't know why it has taken me so long to get a pair of these shoes. I am absolutely adoring white sneakers for Spring/Summer  and they seem to go with everything I own. It's a big call but I think these will be one of my favorite purchases of the year.

Ok super simple tutorial, I had a couple of AS Colour white singlets left over from sampling. I really haven't worn them much so thought I might give them a little cute make over.
 I purchased this pastel pom pom trip from Spotlight about 2 years ago, they do still have it in stock if you are interested. I thought it was really sweet but it has remained in my box of trims since purchasing.
 Step 1: Measure of your trim to the edge of your singlet. I just measure of one edge and then cut two pieces based on that but oddly one piece was a little bit out. I would recommend measuring your pieces of each sleeve, just to be safe.
 Step 2: Pin your trim to the edge (right side) with your pom pom's facing out ( away from the garment). You have two options with this, you could pin it to the wrong side so that just pom pom's show but I actually really like the look of the braiding
 Step 3: Stitch on using a zig zag stitch or hand sew if you aren't terribly impatient like me :)
 Also helps to have a little sewing helper friend, thanks Ruby Soho...

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