Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I did take my camera away to Newcastle with me with the intention to keep a photo blog of my adventures. Unfortunately I am hopeless at remembering to carry my camera with me as I usually use my camera on my phone. On the day of my actual birthday my camera wouldn't switch on at all but oddly started working the second I got home...Thankfully my beautiful best friend brought a camera along and captured some of the memories of what could only be described as a magical day. 

It was a beautiful sunny day in Newcastle in a park that over looks the beach. I got the privilege of spending the day with a group of funny, smart and inspiring women who went out of their way to make me feel incredibly special and loved. 

There are A LOT of photos but it was a special day and  wanted to have the bulk of them up in one location but apologies for the my face overload.


I have never lost my 5 year old child level of excitement when opening presents, In fact I was so excited about Hello Kitty boxer shorts from the lovely Samara and Aimee that I couldn't wait till I got home to try them on hehe :)


It tasted as good as it looks :)
 had to kiss the closest boy xx

Special mentions must go to my little sister J, for being the most organised person I know. She got the amazing balloons that spelt my name, made a delicious iced coffee and had every little detail thoughtfully sorted down to a tea.

The magnificent Rina for her balloon pumping skills and heart shaped scones.

Aimee for making me realise there is no point in attempting to make cakes because she will always be 800 hundred times better at it than everyone. The Hello Kitty is hand piped!!

Little Clare for bringing fudge that I need to get the recipe for and of course bringing the very handsome Ollie.

And my best friend in the whole world, my beautiful Megan. There aren't words for how grateful I am for how much you always do for me. You are my ray of sunshine and I look forward to spending my 40th, 50th, 100th birthday with you xo

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