Tuesday, 14 October 2014


There has started to be some absolutely magnificent days on the weekend, even getting up to 27 degrees! I am so excited to start wearing my Spring/Summer clothing again! Unfortunately during the week it has still been dropping right down with that awful icy Melbourne wind, so not quite time to pack away the coats. 
 I've been in a bit of a rut with my sewing lately and I am hoping the warmer weather will start getting me inspired again to make some pretty summer dresses in cute prints. Stay tuned xo

Rib Crop Tee - Top Shop - I got this in a pastel pink as well, really reasonably priced and cute colourways. 
Flamingo Necklace - Lovisa

Pastel Friendship Bracelet - Made by my lovely sister
Vanuatu Sarong/Skirt - I walked into my local thrift store recently and they had a basket labelled dress ups. I guess they put the things in there that they thought were a bit out there for casual wear. It was pretty much a goldmine for me! I walked away with this tropical cutie and a few more pieces I am sure you will see over Summer :)

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