Friday, 30 December 2016


The last day of 2016 is here and now is the time to do inevitable reflection of the year that was.  If social media is anything to go by it seems that I am one of the few people that isn't desperately wanting 2016 to end. There have been a lot of deaths of a lot of really inspirational. cool people this year which really sucks. What it does show is what can be achieved in a life time and how privileged we all are to be blessed with the bodies of work that have been left behind for us all to enjoy.  

For me personally,  this  year has been one of love, growth and achievement. It has had it's moments, times where I have wanted to rip my hair our with frustration but overall it's been a wonderful year. I have gone through a few of the big things that have happened for me this year: 
Finishing Open Foundation and getting into a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Quitting Smoking - 5 months and going strong

I have to say the most wonderful thing that has happened this year is my best friend asking me to marry him. I knew in the first week of talking to him on the phone that he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. In the first week we spoke for forty hours on the phone and two and a bit years, my heart still skips a beat whenever he calls me. He's currently in Boston so you will have to excuse me if I am getting a bit sentimental. At the end of April/beginning of May my partner took me for a surprise trip away. I didn't find out where we were going until I got to the airport, so impressed he managed to keep it a secret. He'd organised an amazing trip to Tasmania, it was my first time there and it was absolutely beautiful. We visited the Salamanca Markets and Mona Gallery, which has been on my must visit list for a really long time. On the first of May we drove the hire car from Hobart to Launceston, a delightfully scenic trip filled with snacks and awful singing (by me). Half way to Launceston there was a sign that said the highest point and we drove up the off road track next to the sign. It was the most breathtaking countryside and we stopped the car to take in the view. My partner got out his ipad and showed me this video he had made:

Of course I said yes. Everything about the moment was perfect and it was so us. Straight after he also showed me a Good Riddance (my favourite band) drum medley he had also made but I was to overwhelmed to take it in. I couldn't believe how much he had done for me and in that moment and in every moment with him I feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

Since then of course the question that everyone asks is, "How is the wedding planning going?". I feel like I have kicked them in the face when I tell them "Uh.. it's not." The truth is life has been busy, I've been focused on study and my partner has been focused on his visa and getting to the states and all other time has been taken up supporting each other in achieving our goals. There hasn't been the time, no that is a lie, at this point in time we don't really want to make the time for it. I use to want the big wedding, especially the big dress (think Gwen Stefani's pink dip dyed wedding dress) but things have changed. I've seen people planned weddings and they seem really stressed and it seems really expensive and I'd rather spend that money going to Japan or buying Lazy Oaf haha. We will get married one day but it'll  be when we think of something that feels like us and I am not sure what that looks like just yet. 

Which leads me to my big life lesson this year and that is to enjoy the moment. As Garth from Wayne's world would say 
It's really lovely to be engaged and just enjoy that and live in that moment, not always on to the next thing, like they are a series of boxes to tick -  marriage, babies, morgage.. death... . And furthermore, next year to enjoy studying rather than purely focusing on what the end goal is because it's kind of a long time to commit to focusing purely on the future. I am not saying that having goals is bad but that sometimes it's good to do things and just enjoy them for what they are in that moment and maybe not put all the focus on their end goal. 

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year, see you in 2017 xx

Gold Pineapple Necklace - Lovisa 
Fresh Fruit Shirt - Lazy Oaf

Limited Edition Sunny Milo Tote - Lori Herbst

Fruit Salad Leggings - Kid's section at Target

Roshe BR - Fuchsia/Lava - Hype DC

Thursday, 29 December 2016

SPARKLE AND FADE - New Years Eve Glitz

It's a mere few weeks until I head to the states for nearly a month so I am in serious laying low, and saving mode. My new years plans will most likely consist of pizza, netflix and watching the fireworks from my balcony. In all honesty that is sort of my ideal New Years celebration but if I was heading out these would be my top picks for outfits. Number one New Years outfit's gotta sparkle.....

River Island Sequin Slip Dress - ASOS

Barbie Pink Sequin Slip Dress - Isolated Heroes

Navy Sequin Embellished High Neck Bodycon Dress - Missguided

New Look Sequin Mini Dress - ASOS

Mermaid Double Split Maxi Dress  - Isolated Heroes 

Out From Under Iridescent Mesh Slip - Urban Outfitters

Holographic Silver Glitter Shell Earrings - No Basic Bombshell

Rainbow Glitter Star Necklace - PsychoCandy212 on Etsy
Holographic Glitter Clutch - Glitter Disaster on Etsy 

Glitter Storm Clutch - Luna On The Moon on Etsy
Horatio Glitter Wedges - ASOS

Mermaid Dreamz Sequin Booties - Dollskill

A Gleam is a Wish Flat - Modcloth

Monday, 26 December 2016


This outfit wasn't my initial Christmas outfit, I had a dress coming from Ebay but it didn't arrive in time. I was checking my aus post status updates feeling initially hopefully and then bummed I was going to have to pull something together last minute. The positive is that it made me dig out this cherry/gingham skirt I made a few years ago and barely wear, considering the amount of time it took to hand gather the gingham ruffle it really deserves more love.

Hope you are all having a wonderful festive season spending time
with those you love xx

Gingerbread man studs - Saturday Lollipop

Red Bralette - Cotton on Body (on sale for $5 at the moment!)
Kate Cami (aka candy candy top) - Bardot

Cherry/Gingham Ruffle Full Circle Skirt - diy

Reindeer Socks - Cotton On Body
Gold Glitter Sneakers - Rubi Shoes

photos by Kye Smith

Thursday, 22 December 2016

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE - Tropical treats

Christmas treats for your favourite tropical babe xx
Flamingo Neon Light Large - Sunnylife

Bree Madden For Deny Sway Tapestry - Urban Outfitters

New Look Embellished Pineapple Clutch - ASOS

Flamingo's Paradise I phone 6/S Case - Urban Outfitters
Fruit Tart Studs - Saturday Lollipop

Mirrored Acrylic Acrylic Laser Cut Palm Tree Earrings - I'm Your Present

Fruit Salad Food Storage Boxes - Lark Store

Sequin Pineapple Triangle Bra - Missguided

Flamingo Keyring - Sportsgirl
Tropical Round Beach Towel - Kmart 

Inflatable Flamingo - City Beach

Pineapple Doormat - Sunny Life

Printed Button Through Dress - Sportsgirl

Cute Summer Tropical Stickers - Etsy

Tropical Fun Earrings - Etsy