Sunday, 4 December 2016


I am not fussed about the clothing I purchase being the latest, I generally will only rush to purchase something if it is a limited run. If I love an article of clothing it is more than likely I will still love it years later. There are items of clothing that I didn't purchase more than 10 years ago that still to this day give me pinches of regret. I have a mental list of items that I still try to track down and regularly search eBay for them.  I have managed to track down quite a few pieces that I regretted not buying, two of my best finds were the Clam Shell Bra from Sretsis and a Meadham Kirchhoff T-shirt covered in teddy bears from the SS12 collection. There are some labels I will purchase from any season no matter how old, labels like Lazy Oaf have more of a style than a trend aesthetic so for me it doesn't really date even when it is considered old season styles. A lot of these finds have been on ebay which I have always had perfect experiences with *touch wood* but this year I have started using depop. 

Whilst I have picked up some great pieces from Depop, some of which you will see in the outfit post. The overall experience has been more hassle than it's worth. My first purchase the seller completely forgot to send the item, I did eventually end up getting it, secondly, a skirt I purchased turned out to be completely the wrong size and finally a top I purchased arrived with a big hole in (was not mentioned). Maybe I am been spoilt with my second hand purchasing experiences and this is the norm but it's made me not super keen to keep buying on Depop unless I find something I desperately want. Would love to hear what other people's experiences have been like with Depop? xx
Lazy Oaf Clam Shell Crop Tee - Depop

The Ragged Priest Mermaid Mini Skirt With Zip Front - Depop

Nike Benassi Solarsoft Slide in Teal/Black - Hype DC
These were limited edition and my favourite slides ever, they are so pretty and mermaid like and also the comfiest footwear ever.

Photos by Kye Smith