Saturday, 10 December 2016


Serious Ice Cream theme happening with today's outfit, I am a sucker for a themed outfit. As we head into the final month of the year a lot of best of 2016 lists start to appear so here is one of my best of's. My best vintage purchase of 2016 is without a doubt the top I am wearing in this outfit. If you are a long time viewer of my blog you may notice it is sort of similar to the print on another vintage top I own, which can be seen here. Vintage is something I really miss about Melbourne, outside of the Lolly factory it is pretty limited in Newcastle. Of course there is still Vinnie's and Salvo's store but I think a lot of the good stuff gets snapped up pretty quickly by re sellers, maybe I just need to get a bit more on my toes with my thrifting.

Life update, I got my uni results back for semester two and received an 85 in maths and an 80 in philosophy. I stayed up till 12 to check them and I felt a bit disappointed. No, that is a complete lie, I sat there for about half an hour mentally beating myself up and then tossed and turned in bed all night.  At the beginning of the year I just wanted to pass and by about half way through second semester my goal became to achieve a HD in both subjects. I think I have a tendency to be a person who is never satisfied and always wants to do better, I guess most people are probably a bit like that. I think in a lot of ways that is a positive thing because it means I am always striving to achieve more but also can be a bit of  downfall as sometimes I find the pressure I put on myself crushingly overwhelming. I also think there is an element of having such a build up to receiving the results and then having them not really mean a whole lot. Until I find out if I get an offer it is just a number without any real place on a scale. Luckily for me there is about a week to go till first round offers go out, so please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.  xx
Vintage Ice Cream Parlor Top - Etsy (Vintage section)
Gumball Necklace - Saturday Lollipop

House of Holland Tie-Dye Pastel Rainbow Denim Shorts - ASOS - Love how much these shorts look like a rainbow paddle pop

Mint Ice Cream Socks - Mod Cloth (the feet of these are a waffle print)
ASOS Ice-Cream Printed Platforms - Brand new never worn purchase from Ebay.. how anyone could have these in their closet and not wear them is beyond me but glad they decided to sell them :) Super cute print and the platform reminds me of licorice allsorts.

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