Monday, 22 September 2014


This is my last outfit post of my 20's! There are numerous articles about what to wear in your 30's that include words like neutrals, polished, less sheer, longer hemlines... I am going to stop right there because I am starting to roll my eyes. I solemnly swear not to read any of those articles, unless it is for a good laugh. Don't get me wrong, I do adore and respect a beautifully tailored piece but I am just not interested in a set of rules that come with a change in age.

I will be totally honest with you, in the back of my mind when I hit 30, it would be time to ditch the short shorts. A rule I made up in my early 20's because 30 seemed really far away and super old... With my 30th birthday less than a week away, summer approaching and a wardrobe full of  seriously cute short shorts, I am throwing this idea in the bin. One of the coolest things about getting older is a level of comfort within yourself that I think will continual increase the older I get. I think back to my teens and early 20's when I felt nervous showing off my legs and think I must have been crazy. I think growing up in the hardcore scene also played a factor in this, a male dominated scene where my place wasn't a given like it was for the boys but rather something I felt like I had to earn. If I wore short shorts I was there for the boys, not the bands and if I dressed in a way that expressed my enthusiasm towards fashion I wouldn't be taken seriously, ironic really that a scene that is suppose to be about going against the grain, ostracises people who don't comply to a "hardcore uniform". I haven't hit some magical plane of existence where body hang ups no longer exist, I am just not so worried about what other people think. 

I no longer feel like I have to fit into a style category, If I had to call myself anything I'd say I am a mood dresser. What I mean by that is that what I wear is totally dependent on my mood or even to push my mood in a different direction. Although thinking about it a bit more, I often have people send me images of things that they think I would like saying "this is so you" and they pretty much always get it spot on, so maybe I do have a more specific style than I realise? I have things I am drawn to, pastel colour ways, cute prints and seasonal trends do factor an influence, but for me my style is a constantly evolving thing which keeps it fun and exciting.

Maybe one day I will hit a point where I will wear a crisp white shirt, tailor trousers, a blazer and a statement piece necklace but that time has certainly not come yet... xo

Gold Shark Tooth Chunky Chain - Colette

Eadie White Chunky Sandals - Lipstick Shoes  - I have recently bought some new pink sandals which are on the way so you wont have to see these every second week ;)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

STYLE CRUSH SIX - Isabel Hendrix

It's been a little while since the last "Style Crush Six" and I need to make this a more regular thing because there are so many inspiring babes I have style crushes on!

Isabel Hendrix is a 22 year old print clashing, psychedelic, style goddess from Minnesota. I started following her on instagram because of her gorgeous rainbow locks which has me forever missing my own rainbow hair!

This creative babe is a busy bee, working at Tunnel Vision as a vintage vendor and doing social media and blogger outreach, styling shoots and modelling. One of the things I love the most about Isabel's style is the way she can post such completely different looks but always have her individual aesthetic continual flowing through. 

How would you describe your style?

Rainbow psychedelic grunge empowered babe

If you had to pick your 5 favourite pieces in your wardrobe, what would they be? 

1. Tie dye rainbow kimono (thanks mom & dad for the best Christmas gift EVER)
2. Tie dye rainbow long sleeve tee from a street market in Marfa, TX
3. Tie Dye Bell Bottoms from Miracle Eye
4. Tie Dye Socks
5. Tie Dye Sweats/Thick Leggings I thrifted that fit me like a dream

What are your favourite places to shop?

Thrift stores, Ebay, Etsy, Tunnel Vision, Miracle Eye.

Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

Open desert, mountains, forests, sunsets, my friends, people on the streets, cats, Buffy.. The list could go on but I think I'll stop here.. Nature always makes me want to be wearing flowy things, and colorful clothes to match the scenery. My friends each have their own unique styles and I draw inspiration from them all. When I see people who go all out in their wardrobe I LOVE it and it inspires me to dress to the extreme.. like, even if their style isn't something I would want to wear necessarily just the fact that they are stepping out of their house and going for it, REALLY going for it. That inspires me. Cats are always comfortable, I aspire to be always comfortable. Buffy - very good fashion of the 90s and early 2000s, also badass characters and director soooo win/win. 

What is your next fashion must have? 

Hmmmm.. I could really go for some more socks, and maybe some more patterned and graphic sweaters.

Who are your style icons?

Friends. IRL and URL friends.

If you want to check out more of the lovely Isabel Hendrix you can do so here:

Monday, 15 September 2014


My camera has been playing up at the moment so my photos this week turned out a little bit grainy. Hopefully I'll manage to work out what the issue is before the next lot, although I am pretty useless when it comes to technology!

Vintage Nightie worn as dress - I absolutely adore the lace flower details on this

Thrifted belt - I think this is actually a kids belt
Diamante Horse Shoe Earrings - This have been kicking around in my jewellery box for at least 10 years and I can't remember where they came from

Lemon Frilled Socks - Cotton On Body
T Bar Heels - ASOS

As promised I ended up thrifting another denim jacket and decorating it. The candy heart, kiss me patch was cut out of a dooner cover and I still feel like I might want to add a few more patches.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


I watched the film "Dear Lemon Lima" a few weeks ago. I picked it because I was having one of those nights where I wanted something light that was a bit of junk food for the brain.

It's a super cute teen girl movie with a difference. Without giving away too much it's a quirky story about a teenage girl going to school in Alaska, the moral of story isn't that you need to end up with the guy (like most teen movies seem to be) but rather the importance of friendship and finding yourself.

I had to share some of the imagery from it because the pastel colour palettes are just divine. xo

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Another weekend of glorious sunshine and I think I need to put together a bit of an inspirational board of what I'll be wearing for Spring/Summer. I've really been crushing on a pastel colour palette with the contrast of an athletic aesthetic. It's really hard to get my head around it at the moment as I sit here eating a delicious bowl of pasta listening to the pouring rain and hail outside.... that's Melbourne weather for you!

DIY Heart Mesh Top - I sometimes have people interested in purchasing the items I make. I don't currently pre make anything but If you are interested in having a chat about purchasing anything I've made please email

Mint Crop Top - H&M

Peppermint Textured Skater Skirt - H&M - also for Melbourne babes, they have added a home wares section and everything is super cute and of course well priced! I will be heading back soon to pick up some cat printed towels :)

Converse Sneakers - Authentics