Monday, 22 September 2014


This is my last outfit post of my 20's! There are numerous articles about what to wear in your 30's that include words like neutrals, polished, less sheer, longer hemlines... I am going to stop right there because I am starting to roll my eyes. I solemnly swear not to read any of those articles, unless it is for a good laugh. Don't get me wrong, I do adore and respect a beautifully tailored piece but I am just not interested in a set of rules that come with a change in age.

I will be totally honest with you, in the back of my mind when I hit 30, it would be time to ditch the short shorts. A rule I made up in my early 20's because 30 seemed really far away and super old... With my 30th birthday less than a week away, summer approaching and a wardrobe full of  seriously cute short shorts, I am throwing this idea in the bin. One of the coolest things about getting older is a level of comfort within yourself that I think will continual increase the older I get. I think back to my teens and early 20's when I felt nervous showing off my legs and think I must have been crazy. I think growing up in the hardcore scene also played a factor in this, a male dominated scene where my place wasn't a given like it was for the boys but rather something I felt like I had to earn. If I wore short shorts I was there for the boys, not the bands and if I dressed in a way that expressed my enthusiasm towards fashion I wouldn't be taken seriously, ironic really that a scene that is suppose to be about going against the grain, ostracises people who don't comply to a "hardcore uniform". I haven't hit some magical plane of existence where body hang ups no longer exist, I am just not so worried about what other people think. 

I no longer feel like I have to fit into a style category, If I had to call myself anything I'd say I am a mood dresser. What I mean by that is that what I wear is totally dependent on my mood or even to push my mood in a different direction. Although thinking about it a bit more, I often have people send me images of things that they think I would like saying "this is so you" and they pretty much always get it spot on, so maybe I do have a more specific style than I realise? I have things I am drawn to, pastel colour ways, cute prints and seasonal trends do factor an influence, but for me my style is a constantly evolving thing which keeps it fun and exciting.

Maybe one day I will hit a point where I will wear a crisp white shirt, tailor trousers, a blazer and a statement piece necklace but that time has certainly not come yet... xo

Gold Shark Tooth Chunky Chain - Colette

Eadie White Chunky Sandals - Lipstick Shoes  - I have recently bought some new pink sandals which are on the way so you wont have to see these every second week ;)


  1. I think the highest compliment you can get it when a friend or family member buys you something or picks something out in a store and says they got reminded of you. because they have such a clear picture of what you're like as a person or how you dress and really that is what style is about
    Being constrained by rules can only make you unhappy, the same goes for trying to dress to please other people.

    The only thing that really matters is you liking what you wear and feeling confident and happy in your outfit. No one else should stand between you and how you feel about your own body

  2. Age rules are bullshit. Keep doing your thing!