Friday, 28 October 2016

LAZY OAF X DISNEY - 101 Dalmations

The second drop of the Lazy Oaf x Disney collaboration dropped last night and it is just as adorable as the first. I am not a big black wearer as you may have noticed (doesn't go very well with owning two cats) but I was seriously tempted to get the puppy dress. The puppy dress has a very strong 90's Courtney Love vibe which takes me back to my teens and pulls on my nostalgic heart strings. Unfortunately by the time I could even think about buying it, it had already sold out! I did notice that a few of the pieces that have sold out from this collection and the one prior, there is now a notice on them that they will be restocked next week. You can email Lazy Oaf to get the heads up on when the sold out stock is back in, this isn't for all sold out pieces. xx

One more collection to come for the Disney range!!

Monday, 24 October 2016


When I first moved to Newcastle (the first time around) over 12 years ago  I fell in love with a vintage store known as the "Old Lolly Factory". I was studying fashion full time and was getting by on a very limited budget, when I did purchase clothing it was generally second hand. I think one of the only brand new things I purchased while I was studying was a pair of black lee super tubes, a very low cute super tight pair of black jeans that were an essential to everyone's wardrobe at the time. The great thing about the Old Lolly Factory was that even though it was a second hand/vintage reseller the prices were really reasonable.

A few days into living in Newcastle again, I was wandering through Mayfield and came across a costume hire / vintage store that had massive cabinets full of the most interesting jewellery. I couldn't leave the store without getting these plastic flamingo earrings.
 I kept meaning to drop in again for a further explore but by the time I got around to it the store had moved. The store had been relocated to the old lolly factory. I know the store is now called Metro Retro/Costume Capers now but the name The Old Lolly Factory is too stuck in my head. It is such an amazing space, upstairs you can find vintage furniture and knick-knacks and down stairs is a treasure trove of costumes for hire and vintage clothing and jewellery. It is owned by the most amazing lady, Jennifer, who knows her stock so well. You show her something you like and she will pull out other things that are up your alley from masses of clothes.  As this was my friend Mels first visit to Newcastle I had to take her to check out my favourite Newcastle vintage store. A lovely old cat decided to join us while we took photos of some of the things we purchased xx

Pink Sweater T-Shirt with tropical print - Metro Retro (The Old Lolly Factory) I loved the colour but thought the print was just so much fun as well 

Mint Trousers - Metro Retro (The Old Lolly Factory) The colour of these got me instantly, they are super comfy with an elastic waistband, bit of a nana vibe but I love them :)

Mermaid Sequin Slip On Shoes - Originally from ASOS but I purchased these never worn from eBAY

Sunglasses - Sportsgirl
Iridescent Sequin Top - This is one Mel gave to me that she got at a Sportsgirl sample sale 

Vintage Printed Skirt - Metro Retro (The Old Lolly Factory)
Superga White Platform Sneakers - Glue

Thank you to the beautiful cat who decided to join us in our photos and my darling Kye for taking some of the photos, Miss you already Mel xx

Friday, 21 October 2016

LAZY OAF X DISNEY - Aristocats and Cinderella

Anyone who has checked out more than a couple of my posts would be very familiar with the fact that I am a huge Lazy Oaf fan. I think I would have to say that they are currently my favourite label, a position which has been earnt through consistently delivering perfect collections. Anytime they are about to release a new collection I am obsessively search trying to to find sneak peaks/snippets
of what the new collection will be in order to start compiling my wishlist. I got butterflies in my tummy when I found out they were doing a collab with Disney and nearly burst with anticipation when I found out the first characters to be Lazy Oafed were Aristocats
and Cinderella. It launched last night, around about 10pm Australian time and already a few pieces have sold out!! If there is something you love I'd recommend getting your paws (hehe) on it pretty quickly. My favourite pieces are the Cinderella Castle Hoody, the Aristocats Sheer Frilly Tee and adore the ribbon lace up detail on the back of the Aristocats cap.

Stay tuned the next drop of Lazy Oaf X Disney  being released on : 

Sunday, 16 October 2016


I really didn't mean to leave it so long between posts but life gets busy and this just fell by the wayside. It always really impresses me when someone has kept a blog (outfit blog) going for a really long time because it seems to be something that is pretty easy to lose the motivation for. One of the trickiest things has been not having a camera, I always feel like a hassle asking someone else to take photos and trying to organise a camera. Buttttt ... after nearly two years of having a camera with a broken lens it was finally repaired, thanks to my excellent partner.

A lot has happened since my last post, I moved closer to the beach, I decided to go back to studying, I quit smoking and the most wonderful thing of all, my best friend asked me to marry him. This year is turning out to be the greatest year of my life so far, it seems crazy to think in a few months it will be two years since I left Melbourne. 

I've found it tricky getting a life balance since starting uni and have pretty much removed a social life in order to achieve the marks I want. My beautiful friend Mel came up from Melbourne to visit for a few days and it was so nice to get away from the study and just enjoy each others company. For my next two outfit posts she will be joining me. 

All the best intentions of more posts to come xx

Be Mine Candy Heart Earrings - purchased in Japan (check out my youtube video for the details)

Lazy Oaf Frilly Hearts Tshirt - Lazy Oaf you can also get this one on asos

Black perforated bag - Kmart
I purchased this bag purely to use a way to showcase my growing pin collection :)

My little pony pin and Polly Pocket Pins - Jade Boylan 
Donut Snake, Pink Soy Sauce Fish and Pizza Box Pins - Dylan Jones
Lolita Heart Glasses, Mermaid Shell, Heart Lollipop - Darling Distraction
Girl Gang and Strawberry Bunny Pin - Lucky Dip Club
(You can watch my youtube video unboxing a Lucky Dip Club box here..)
Gem of Gem and the Holograms pin - Unicorn Rockstar

There are more pins on there that you can't see so I may do a more in depth pin post at a later date. 

Gingham Pineapple Skirt - Lazy Oaf
"Ice Cream" Blazer Mid - Nike - These are quickstrike product from last year so don't fall in love with them as they will be impossible to track down. These cuties came in pink, mint and blue and have the waffle swoosh. Inside is covered in a sprinkle print which is absolutely adorable, these were released in a mens size curve so I was really grateful for having big clod hoppers (large feet)

And introducing my darling friend Mel x

Sunglasses - Sportsgirl
Lilac Tee - Uniqlo
Lilac Jumper - Gorman

Holographic Tote Bag - Sportsgirl
Purple enamel ring - Lily and The Weasel

Superga White Platform Sneakers - Glue