Friday, 21 October 2016

LAZY OAF X DISNEY - Aristocats and Cinderella

Anyone who has checked out more than a couple of my posts would be very familiar with the fact that I am a huge Lazy Oaf fan. I think I would have to say that they are currently my favourite label, a position which has been earnt through consistently delivering perfect collections. Anytime they are about to release a new collection I am obsessively search trying to to find sneak peaks/snippets
of what the new collection will be in order to start compiling my wishlist. I got butterflies in my tummy when I found out they were doing a collab with Disney and nearly burst with anticipation when I found out the first characters to be Lazy Oafed were Aristocats
and Cinderella. It launched last night, around about 10pm Australian time and already a few pieces have sold out!! If there is something you love I'd recommend getting your paws (hehe) on it pretty quickly. My favourite pieces are the Cinderella Castle Hoody, the Aristocats Sheer Frilly Tee and adore the ribbon lace up detail on the back of the Aristocats cap.

Stay tuned the next drop of Lazy Oaf X Disney  being released on : 

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