Friday, 28 October 2016

LAZY OAF X DISNEY - 101 Dalmations

The second drop of the Lazy Oaf x Disney collaboration dropped last night and it is just as adorable as the first. I am not a big black wearer as you may have noticed (doesn't go very well with owning two cats) but I was seriously tempted to get the puppy dress. The puppy dress has a very strong 90's Courtney Love vibe which takes me back to my teens and pulls on my nostalgic heart strings. Unfortunately by the time I could even think about buying it, it had already sold out! I did notice that a few of the pieces that have sold out from this collection and the one prior, there is now a notice on them that they will be restocked next week. You can email Lazy Oaf to get the heads up on when the sold out stock is back in, this isn't for all sold out pieces. xx

One more collection to come for the Disney range!!

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