Thursday, 22 June 2017


Half way through the year,,, how did that sneak up? I know I have been atrocious at posting this year outside of my America tour diary post (they took me forever as well). I think I have lost my social media mojo.. I don't even know if that is a word people use anymore. This year has been tough so far, it started with crushingly difficult personal stuff that I am still working through and I think because of that I felt/feel less inclined to share/expose myself online. Maybe eventually I will write about it but at the moment it is all a bit to raw. 

I started my degree which has been wonderful and thoroughly challenging so far. I think going into it I knew that there would be a lot of study but I didn't quite understand just how much it was and the length of time and the endless hurdles. Don't get me wrong I do think the road to being a registered Psychologist should be a difficult one because you end up in a position with a lot of responsibility, that if not thoroughly trained for and taken very seriously could result in some pretty awful things. I think I just had that moment where I was really questioning if this was a really wanted, if this is what I wanted to commit to,  a pathway that will likely mean I will be studying/ training for the next ten years. I think I convinced myself to get through the semester and then see how I feel and once I told myself that it seem to make me feel more solid in my choice. I really do love the content, I love everything I am learning about and feel excited to learn more. But I must admit I am grateful for exams to be over and a bit of a break for mid semester. xx 

Pastel Vintage Dress - American Vintage

Paste rainbow mini back pack - Forever 21
Pink pom pom - Urban outfitters

Toy Store Little Bo Peep Old Skool Highs - Vans

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY - Day Twenty One - Flea Market

Flying out tomorrow and we spent the last day doing what ended up being one of my favourite things of the whole trip. A guy at the Melrose Market had told me about the Rose Bowl Market and said that if I loved flea markets I absolutely had to check it out. We are talking a flea market that features over 2,500 vendors! I almost couldn't wrap my head around a vintage market being that size. I was almost in tears when I went online and discovered that the market was on the weekend after I left... thankfully there was a smaller version called the Pasadena City College Market. 
It had your sort of standard school flea market vibe but there was much cool vintage stuff, Clothing, furniture, jewellery.. I even found a guy who was selling vintage Disney pins. I wish I had of taken more photos but I was just so excited that I totally forget, I was wandering around thinking that it was impressive buttttt..I kind of expecting more, like I knew it wasn't going to be as big as the Rose Bowl but this was the size of a vintage fete back home. I notice from the corner of the car park people walking with bags and decided to head over and see where they were coming from. That is when I saw it, a multi level car park, with stalls on every level, in that moment I nearly cried with happiness.
 Three and a half levels of vintage that was so reasonably priced, I left my partner to explore the record selection and I went straight for the vintage clothing. My heart broke a little as I realised that I was now at the point in the trip where I had a nearly full suitcase and wouldn't be able to go completely crazy. I managed to find some absolutely amazing pieces that I somehow managed to jam into suitcase.
 Market Haul
Vintage Disney Pin Haul

Hope you've enjoyed my America travels tour diary, sorry this has taken me forever to finish! xx

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY - Day Nineteen and Twenty - More vintage/Pulley/Milk

 Had a nice sleep in and then met up with my partner's friends for a lunch. Was good to meet people who live locally because it meant we ate at a place we possibly wouldn't have checked out. It was called Hugo's Restaurant and it was absolutely delicious, lot's of  vegan and vegetarian options. 

Hugo's Restaurant
8401 Santa Monica Blvde
West Hollywood 

By the time we finished eating and chatting it was mid arvo so we went for a bit of a wander around West Hollywood and found a few more vintage stores.

American Rebel 
7474 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90046
Super cute store, really loved the fit out of this store, especially the archways. Great for amazing vintage frocks. 
7428 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90046
Wasteland is a great little consignment store where you can find some vintage but more so, clothing from recent seasons past. I managed to pick up a really cute sheer lilac topshop tee that is current season for $20 less than it is currently in store for! Score. All the wandering around had given me a craving for something sweet and we were walking distance to a place called Milk that I had seen on Instagram. Famous for their amazing ice-cream sandwiches it definitely lived up to the hype and we left with very full bellies. 
7290 Beverly Blvde
Los Angeles CA 90036
 Finished the evening by going to see the amazing Pulley at the Viper room, it was my first time seeing them play and they well and truly lived up to my expectations. In fact they were so good the followed day we traveled to Santa Ana to watch them play again at the Yost Theater with Guttermouth.