Tuesday, 20 June 2017

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY -Day Eighteen - Venice Beach

Caught a lift into Venice Beach for a quick look around and then a walk back to Santa Monica pier. It's so interesting being in a place that you have seen in so many photos and films, it always looks like this picturesque, colorful beach town. In person it's pretty grubby and not really somewhere I would be keen to spend a heap of time. 
 Before starting the walk to Santa Monica Pier I had a quick look in a vintage store called "Gotta Have It" lot's of cute stuff but super over priced. 
Gotta Have It
1516 Pacific Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

It's about a 25 minutes walk from Venice to the Santa Monica Pier, I was pretty excited about all the over sized ice-cream statues.
Happy to be back at the Santa Monica Pier, did a little bit of shopping - there is a haul video coming eventually!

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