Thursday, 22 June 2017


Half way through the year,,, how did that sneak up? I know I have been atrocious at posting this year outside of my America tour diary post (they took me forever as well). I think I have lost my social media mojo.. I don't even know if that is a word people use anymore. This year has been tough so far, it started with crushingly difficult personal stuff that I am still working through and I think because of that I felt/feel less inclined to share/expose myself online. Maybe eventually I will write about it but at the moment it is all a bit to raw. 

I started my degree which has been wonderful and thoroughly challenging so far. I think going into it I knew that there would be a lot of study but I didn't quite understand just how much it was and the length of time and the endless hurdles. Don't get me wrong I do think the road to being a registered Psychologist should be a difficult one because you end up in a position with a lot of responsibility, that if not thoroughly trained for and taken very seriously could result in some pretty awful things. I think I just had that moment where I was really questioning if this was a really wanted, if this is what I wanted to commit to,  a pathway that will likely mean I will be studying/ training for the next ten years. I think I convinced myself to get through the semester and then see how I feel and once I told myself that it seem to make me feel more solid in my choice. I really do love the content, I love everything I am learning about and feel excited to learn more. But I must admit I am grateful for exams to be over and a bit of a break for mid semester. xx 

Pastel Vintage Dress - American Vintage

Paste rainbow mini back pack - Forever 21
Pink pom pom - Urban outfitters

Toy Store Little Bo Peep Old Skool Highs - Vans

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