Wednesday, 21 June 2017

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY - Day Twenty One - Flea Market

Flying out tomorrow and we spent the last day doing what ended up being one of my favourite things of the whole trip. A guy at the Melrose Market had told me about the Rose Bowl Market and said that if I loved flea markets I absolutely had to check it out. We are talking a flea market that features over 2,500 vendors! I almost couldn't wrap my head around a vintage market being that size. I was almost in tears when I went online and discovered that the market was on the weekend after I left... thankfully there was a smaller version called the Pasadena City College Market. 
It had your sort of standard school flea market vibe but there was much cool vintage stuff, Clothing, furniture, jewellery.. I even found a guy who was selling vintage Disney pins. I wish I had of taken more photos but I was just so excited that I totally forget, I was wandering around thinking that it was impressive buttttt..I kind of expecting more, like I knew it wasn't going to be as big as the Rose Bowl but this was the size of a vintage fete back home. I notice from the corner of the car park people walking with bags and decided to head over and see where they were coming from. That is when I saw it, a multi level car park, with stalls on every level, in that moment I nearly cried with happiness.
 Three and a half levels of vintage that was so reasonably priced, I left my partner to explore the record selection and I went straight for the vintage clothing. My heart broke a little as I realised that I was now at the point in the trip where I had a nearly full suitcase and wouldn't be able to go completely crazy. I managed to find some absolutely amazing pieces that I somehow managed to jam into suitcase.
 Market Haul
Vintage Disney Pin Haul

Hope you've enjoyed my America travels tour diary, sorry this has taken me forever to finish! xx

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