Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Final day in New York! It as gone so quickly but at the same time I feel like so much has happened over the last week. For the last day we decide to head out to Brooklyn, I've heard this is where the great coffee is and I am hoping to finally find stores that are my taste. I was chatting with someone earlier in the week about not finding my niche in New York and they had recommended going to Williamsburg and Bushwick. We decided to head to Bushwick via Grand Central Station, it was so familiar from all the films I have seen it in but at the same time was so much more magical to see in person.


 In hindsight Bushwick train station wasn't the best train station to get off at as it was quite a decent walk to get to the area I wanted to go to and it was the coldest day so far, bitter icey wind.. I stopped in at a couple of shops on the way but none of tickled my fancy but it was still cool to check out a new neighborhood. 
You really couldn't walk around in this store, there was piles of stuff everywhere. Most of it was in really worn, poor condition. 

Only briefly looked in this store and didn't find anything I liked, could of been some goodies there but it seemed unlikely.

Made friends with a little ginger cutie.

This place did amazing soy coffee, I'd say it was my favourite from my whole trip in New York. Guy working there was super efficient and lovely.
b/t Stockholm St and Stanhope Street, Bushwick

The walk may not have been that long but I tell you what, in the weather it felt like an never ending journey. The coffee break to refuel and warm out bones gave us the quick energy we needed to make it to the first store, Worship. I absolutely loved this store, reasonably priced vintage and lots of really cute stuff. The guy who worked there also have me a postcard  which was a " Bushwick Vintage Map", super handy if you are planning a trip out there. 
117 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick
(718) 484-3660

Next stop was Beacon's Closet, it was a lot bigger than Worship and you really would need a good couple of hours to spend there to go searching. 
23 Bogart Street, Bushwick

The final store I checked out and probably my favorite was Friends NYC. The staff there were super lovely and helpful but not pushy. It was a bit of an electric mix of vintage, hand made and smaller designers. Would really recommend this store.
56 Bogart Street, Bushwick
(718) 386-6729

Obviously there are a few more places on the postcard that I didn't get to but it was starting to rain really heavily and it was becoming quite unpleasant to walk around in. This area was by far my favourite shopping destination so far. We decided to grab a quick coffee and then head back across the bridge. 
49 Bogart Street, Bushwick
Pretty good coffee, every other person in the place was on their own working on a computer. I don't know why but it was fascinating to watch, it was super weird.

We caught the subway back across the bridge and decided that our final meal in New York it had to be pizza. We ended up back in Nolita at Lombardi's, it was exactly how you would picture a stereotypical New York pizza place. It was delicious and wonderful, highly recommend the soft drinks - I am already dreading my sugar withdrawals when I get home and return to my regular eating.
32 Spring Street, New York

Mariah Carey, yessssssss....
 The final thing to do on our must do in New York was to eat cheesecake and we did that at a place called Eileen's Special cheesecake. They made single serve cheesecakes which was really great.  We ended up getting cookies and cream and s'mores.
17 Cleveland Place, New York

Hope you have enjoyed my New York adventures. There will be a shopping haul video coming on my youtube channel so stay tuned. Next up L.A xx