Friday, 27 January 2017


Woke up pretty exhausted, not really surprising with the amount of walking we are doing whilst living purely on carbs and sugar. Lucky for my I am engaged to the the best person ever and got brought coffee and a rainbow bagel again, the dream start to the day.

Weird lil grass rodent.. cute 

I love all the churches in New York, the amount of intricate detail is stunning.

Walking to Central Park today, walked past so many beautiful window displays, New York really brings the A game with visual merchandising.
 Bergdorf Goodman

Central Park was really beautiful, we only got through about a third of it. The major things we wanted to see were strawberry fields, the Balto dog statue, the friends fountain and the Alice in wonderland statue. We got to see everything we wanted to see but you could easily spend a whole day, if not longer there.

After the quick trip to Soho the day before I had done a bit more online reading about places in that general area and have come across called Pietro Nolita. Pietro Nolita is a 50's style eatery that serves Eco-friendly Italian food and the most important thing... everything is pink! Unfortunately by the time we caught a bus there it was 4:20 pm and they were closing up :( I managed to get a few sneaky snaps before we went on the hunt for somewhere else to eat.  

How cute is it!! If you are in New York and go here please let me know what the food is like :)


We had our heart set on eating Italian food and decided to head to the main street of Little Italy. We ended up eating at a placed called Paesanos, they had lunch time specials which made it reasonably priced. It was alright, not amazing most likely much better places either side.

Ended the evening with a sneaky visit to Topshop, still finding myself quite disappointed with New York shopping.

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