Tuesday, 10 January 2017


New year, new me.... just kidding that is up there with my least favourite sayings. I don't want to be anything other than myself , I don't want to be a new me but rather an ever evolving same me. I think there is something about the saying, new year, new me that disregards the growing process and gives off the idea that you weren't good enough as you were. Having said that I do still write new years resolutions in my visual arts journal, somethings are specific like last years, quit smoking, some a bit more general like dorky cliches such as "don't worry, be happy." 

This year I am really excited to start my degree so one of my new years resolution is to do my best at that. I want to learn to meditate. I have already got an app for it called "Calm" and have done it a couple of times, it was actually really surprising how difficult it was to sit and practice mindfulness for only 10 minutes. I am a terrible fidget so I think it will take time and practice. I want to increase my fitness levels, last year I started using the Nike+ training app and have found it really good, I've recently downloaded the Nike + Run Club and have been enjoying adding running back into my fitness schedule. One of the resolutions that I most want to achieve this year is to learn to drive, it has long been on my list of things to do and this is the year that it will finally get done. Next on the list if to spend less time on social media, not in the sense of less blogging but spending less time scrolling, I feel like I am spending more time that I want to be observing other peoples lives and not enjoying my own and It just isn't how I want to spend my time at the moment.

My apologies it has taken till the now to write my first post for the year, like I planned it has been heads down, work, sleep and count down the days until I go on holidays. I have two days left of work and then it's time to fly to America for my first ever trip there.  Would love any suggestions for places to go to in New York of Los Angeles, particularly fashion stores, good soy coffee and vegetarian food. Happy New Years, hope 2017 is wonderful so far xx

Pastel Cross Bracelet - Nile Perch
Bubble O Necklace - Saturday Lollipop

Pink Tank - Old season Topshop
Pastel Slip Dress - Second hand from Depop

Pastel Rainbow Striped Socks - Kmart
Reebok Nylon Classics - Hyped DC

Photos by Kye Smith

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