Thursday, 26 January 2017


The minute we left the apartment it felt like the city was buzzing, it was the first sunny day we had had since we arrive so we took the opportunity to grab a coffee  (we went somewhere other than Starbucks and it was awful) and sit in the sunshine and watch a carousel. One of the animals on the carousel was a cat and it made me miss my kitties at home. 

For Christmas my sister got my partner tickets for top of the rock and we decided that today was going to be the best day to do it. Even though it was a nice sunny day when we got there we were advised that it was going to be zero visibility. We had checked the weather report for the rest of the time we were there and it was rainy and cloudy everyday so it was going to have to be now or never. I will point out that I am petrified of heights, I know a lot of people are afraid of heights but my fear takes over my whole body and sometimes renders me completely frozen and unable to move. When I got to the top level I completely panicked and got stuck frozen to the stairs in fear. Eventually I managed to push through it and stand on the top level, gripping onto a wall for security haha. It was an absolutely amazing view and I would really recommend it.
So scared!

Next on the list of must do things in New York was to see the statue of liberty. We decided not to go to Liberty Island but instead see her by travelling on the Staten Island ferry, which is free! On the way over it was light so we could see the Statue of Liberty and on the way back it had gotten dark so all the lights of the city were on, it was absolutely lovely. 

I still hadn't found any clothing stores that I was really into. So many people have told me that I would love New York and I did like it but I wasn't loving it. It was like I felt I hadn't found the place I felt comfortable or that had shops that were me. People keep to themselves a lot and I have never been so aware of how smiley I am prior to this trip. When you are always smiling and being friendly and are met with coldness it starts to wear you down a bit.  I had searched online and found a store that stocks Lazy Oaf in Soho, I figured anywhere that stocked my favourite label would have to be my jam, so we decided to head in there for the evening, 
 Opening Ceremony
35 Howard  Street, New York

American Two Shot
135 Grand Street, New York
There was only two Lazy Oaf things in this store, a pair of disney socks and hat. Still a super cute store. 
Finished off the evening by having thai for dinner in Soho at a place called Soho Thai. Absolutely delicious food and would highly recommend. 

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