Tuesday, 24 January 2017

NEW YORK TOUR DIARY - Day four and five

The day is finally here of the whole reason the trip to New York was originally planned. My partner is playing his Beatles Drum Medley at a half time show for a New York Knicks vs Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden, pretty damn exciting! This process has been over a year in the making and I feel so happy and proud of my partner for how hard he has worked to make this all happen. Like all important days it is essential to start the day with a good breakfast. One of the things I wanted to do in New York was to try a rainbow bagel so when we found a little place on Lexington called Bagel Express that had rainbow bagels with strawberry cream cheese I couldn't resist. I know the original rainbow bagel comes from Brooklyn but this one was absolutely delicious.

We caught an uber into Madison Square Garden and headed upstairs to my partners dressing room. Going out into the stadium it was almost like my brain couldn't process the sheer size of it, it was mind blowing. The venue seats 19,000 and was sold out for the night, we got to have a photo taken on the court which was pretty cool.
Pink Long Sleeve Top - Cotton On
Mickey Mouse Cords - Lazy Oaf
Adidas Rises - Hype DC

 My partner is I guess the more quiet reserved type so for some reason I felt like I had to be nervous for him. I spent most of the day with nervous butterflies in my belly, while he set up and ran through the soundcheck. There was a fair bit of waiting around but then it was all systems go, the plan was to have someone hold a phone to stream a live feed of the performance on the facebook. Unfortunately at the crucial moment technology failed so I made the decision to just record it on my phone so there would at least be something to nearly live show to everyone back home. The result was me awkwardly crouching in front of the kit and a shakey recording but Kye played absolutely perfectly. Not only is he the hardest working person I ever met he is also the most humble, kind and wonderful. I want to say this is the most proud I have ever felt of him but he makes me proud every single day. You can check the performance out here. 
After the performance we got to sit in the crowd and watch the game. I am not really a sports person and had never been to a basketball game before but I found myself getting really excited. The energy was electric and it impossible to not cheer along when the Knicks came oh so close to winning and then just missed out. It was such an amazing day and I feel so privileged that I got the opportunity to see my partner succeed in a once in a life time opportunity.

We went back into Chelsea to You Tube to get a few things sorted and on the way out found a thrift store. There wasn't any women's clothing and I didn't buy anything but there were a couple of cool things hehe,
 Growing up Sex and the City was a huge part of my life, at the time it felt like one of the few refreshingly honest series that showed how women actually spoke. I absolutely adore the fashion of the show and would still happily sit down and watch the series front to back. Being in New York there are so many places that I instantly recognise because I picture Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte there.  When we decided to go to New York two things that were on my list of must do were get a photo outside of Carrie's steps and eat a cupcake at the iconic Magnolia Bakery.

If you take a photo out the front there is a donation box where you give a dollar and the money goes towards a cat and dog shelter :)


We continued to wander through the Greenwich Village area and ended up in Washington Square Park. This was my first experience of seeing a squirrel, they are so adorable I was absolutely fascinated. Whilst we were there some young school children came to do a protest with their hand made signs, as it was the day of Trump's inauguration. The signs were beautiful and made me feel so happy to see what a cool next generation is coming through. My most favourite sign was "Free Education for all" something that I passionately agree with.

Next stop was to see the site where CBGB's use to be, a place that hosted nearly all the shows I wish I had of been at. It's now a high end fashion boutique, it made me feel uncomfortable and gross and I wish I hadn't gone, It just felt sacrilegious. If you like overpriced leather jackets and pretentious staff, you will love this store.
We hadn't ridden on the subway yet and decided to jump on and head out to Coney Island.

I really loved Coney Island and it was a bummer that as we arrived the rain really picked up and it got quite miserable. One day I would really love to go back there in summer time when all the rides were operating. I didn't feel like we got to explore enough while we were there, we didn't have a brolly and we ended up too soaked to keep wandering. We ate burgers and macaroni cheese at Wahlburgers, I went in with kind of low expectations but it was actually really tasty, highly recommend the mushroom burger. Before we went home we stopped in at a candy store so I could look at giant candy, it was great.



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