Monday, 23 January 2017

NEW YORK TOUR DIARY - Day one, two and three

If you follow me on Instagram/Instagram stories/Facebook you may see some double up of photos but I wanted to have a permanent space to share my first ever trip to America. Apologies they aren't the best quality mages, I did bring my camera but it was just easier to snap everything on my Iphone. 

Arrived in LA super exhausted, did not do too well sleeping on the overnight flight and am running on a maximum of two hours sleep. Meet up with my partner as he has been on tour in America for the past few weeks, playing drums for an Austraian band, The Porkers. Head to a  hotel near to the airport as we have a flight super early the next day to New York. Have a couple of hours sleep and then chill out in the hotel room watching a show about cakes, junkfood for the brain, exactly what I need. 

Head out for food, keen for something delicious after discovering the only thing worse than plane food is vegetarian plane food - a dinner roll with salad on it that comes with a side of tomato sauce was probably the highlight, haha. Of course my first meal has to be a slice and if you're ever in LA in the airport region I would highly recommend LaRocco's Pizzeria Westchester, absolutely delicious!

3:30 am wake up call was pretty painful and not keen to get back on a plane but feelings of excitement about going to New York override everything else. It's a 5 hour hour flight and with the time difference, I arrive in New York at about 4:00 pm and it's time for a bit on explore after rugging up of course. After wandering aimlessly we end up in Time Square, couldn't help following t he flights. It's pretty amazing and a total sensory overload, flashing lights, monstrous screens and people everywhere. 

Beanie & Scarf - Missguided
Coat - Lazy Oaf
Bag - Moschino
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Doc Martens

We grabbed dinner at Olive Garden and had a great window seat that looked out over Time Square. First of all the bread sticks are amazing, it was my first time eating bread sticks after my partner had talked them up, 100% lived up to their reputation. The rest of the food was pretty nice and our server was super lovely but it wasn't amazing enough to make it worth the price. I get the price is higher because a big draw card for Olive Garden is the massive portion size but we aren't big eaters so it felt wasteful having three quarters of our meal left. 
These were my favourite lights:)

Popped into Starbucks coffee for a Panini and a coffee, can actually get a half decent soy coffee from there. Only downsides are that it is quite expensive, US $7 each and it comes quite sweet, I think from using a vanilla flavoured soy. I am willing to pay the price because I can't stomach the pot coffee, it all tastes like maccas coffee to me. Drop my partner off to practice drums a Euphoria studios and then time to check out some shops! Yay!
Stripe Cat Blouse - Lazy Oaf
H&M - Broadway
Forever 21 - W 34th Street

I was only wandering about for a few hours so didn't go to too many shops but did check out Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and H&M. I found the prices at H&M pretty similar to the prices at home, so once you did the conversion it wasn't so great. Urban Outfitters was pretty cool, but the staff were pretty unfriendly and everything seemed like a hassle, would probably rather shop online. Forever 21 had lots of cute stuff and was really exciting because they don't have an online store that ships to Australia. In all honesty I didn't do much actual purchasing, I found that the general unfriendliness of staff kind of put me in a frame of mine where I just wasn't having a great time and didn't want to buy a whole lot.  
 Lunch at Liquiteria which was lovely and made excellent smoothies and then went to the You Tube head office in Chelsea. If you are in Chelsea there looked like there was lots of amazing food at the Chelsea Markets. Super cute Kawaii Rainbow Popsicle earrings from Saturday Lollipop.

 Had already bought snacks so didn't stop here but added to the list of things to come back to 
Home to snacks .. yessss!

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