Monday, 24 October 2016


When I first moved to Newcastle (the first time around) over 12 years ago  I fell in love with a vintage store known as the "Old Lolly Factory". I was studying fashion full time and was getting by on a very limited budget, when I did purchase clothing it was generally second hand. I think one of the only brand new things I purchased while I was studying was a pair of black lee super tubes, a very low cute super tight pair of black jeans that were an essential to everyone's wardrobe at the time. The great thing about the Old Lolly Factory was that even though it was a second hand/vintage reseller the prices were really reasonable.

A few days into living in Newcastle again, I was wandering through Mayfield and came across a costume hire / vintage store that had massive cabinets full of the most interesting jewellery. I couldn't leave the store without getting these plastic flamingo earrings.
 I kept meaning to drop in again for a further explore but by the time I got around to it the store had moved. The store had been relocated to the old lolly factory. I know the store is now called Metro Retro/Costume Capers now but the name The Old Lolly Factory is too stuck in my head. It is such an amazing space, upstairs you can find vintage furniture and knick-knacks and down stairs is a treasure trove of costumes for hire and vintage clothing and jewellery. It is owned by the most amazing lady, Jennifer, who knows her stock so well. You show her something you like and she will pull out other things that are up your alley from masses of clothes.  As this was my friend Mels first visit to Newcastle I had to take her to check out my favourite Newcastle vintage store. A lovely old cat decided to join us while we took photos of some of the things we purchased xx

Pink Sweater T-Shirt with tropical print - Metro Retro (The Old Lolly Factory) I loved the colour but thought the print was just so much fun as well 

Mint Trousers - Metro Retro (The Old Lolly Factory) The colour of these got me instantly, they are super comfy with an elastic waistband, bit of a nana vibe but I love them :)

Mermaid Sequin Slip On Shoes - Originally from ASOS but I purchased these never worn from eBAY

Sunglasses - Sportsgirl
Iridescent Sequin Top - This is one Mel gave to me that she got at a Sportsgirl sample sale 

Vintage Printed Skirt - Metro Retro (The Old Lolly Factory)
Superga White Platform Sneakers - Glue

Thank you to the beautiful cat who decided to join us in our photos and my darling Kye for taking some of the photos, Miss you already Mel xx

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