Tuesday, 2 September 2014


As promised a DIY post on the making of my Beibad Girl Jacket...

I thrifted this JAG denim jacket from my local thrift store for about $5.00 for first step is give it a wash to get rid of the mothball smell. 

A while ago Beibad Girl did a collab with Stay Home Club and produced these absolutely gorgeous pillowcases. I bought two for my bed and an extra one because I have had this project in mind for quite a while. Unfortunately you can no longer purchase these pillow cases because they sold out a few times over and I don't know if they will ever restock them. This will work on any pillow case/fabric you have with a cute print that you want to turn into a patch.
-Your pillowcase or fabric   
-Iron On Interfacing - This is a formfuse 1600f, it is quite thick. You could sew with out fusing the material first but I prefer the stability.
Roughly cut around the prints, this will get neatened up in a bit :)
Pin your prints to your interfacing and cut out around your rough shape
Iron Interfacing to your print - if your fabric is a little delicate you might want to use a pressing cloth
Once your interfacing is firmly attached, neatly cut out your pieces. You could skip a step here and cut it out neatly before you iron to save on your interfacing but I feel more comfy doing it once the interfacing is secure.

  Pin your pieces to where you want them to be. I'd suggest taking a photo as a reference because you might find like I did that as you are sewing you will have to unpin some that are getting in the way.

Sewing time! I use a zig-zag stitch around the edge, matching the black edging of the print.
Obviously if you don't have access to a machine hand sewing will do the trick.

Since making this jacket I have thrifted two more so I'm to find more embellishments for them xo

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