Monday, 15 September 2014


My camera has been playing up at the moment so my photos this week turned out a little bit grainy. Hopefully I'll manage to work out what the issue is before the next lot, although I am pretty useless when it comes to technology!

Vintage Nightie worn as dress - I absolutely adore the lace flower details on this

Thrifted belt - I think this is actually a kids belt
Diamante Horse Shoe Earrings - This have been kicking around in my jewellery box for at least 10 years and I can't remember where they came from

Lemon Frilled Socks - Cotton On Body
T Bar Heels - ASOS

As promised I ended up thrifting another denim jacket and decorating it. The candy heart, kiss me patch was cut out of a dooner cover and I still feel like I might want to add a few more patches.

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  1. I love the slouchiness of this dress, and the way you referenced Grease. Plus all the little details like the ring and stuff are gorgeous <3