Saturday, 19 November 2016


Facebook "on this day" has been reminding that this time last year I was on my first overseas trip to Japan.  A year on when I think about Tokyo I get a feeling of homesickness. It sounds weird to feel homesick about a place that isn't your home but there was something about being there that just felt instantly comfortable. If you would like to see some of the things I purchases while I was there you can check it out here. I am really keen to get back to Japan over the next few years. At the moment though I need to be saving my pennies for a an upcoming trip in January to America.

I will be going to New York for a week and then off to Los Angeles for two weeks. It is more of a music working trip for my partner so the finer details are all in his capable hands. I am a little bit nervous about the temperatures in New York, which are looking to be -3 degrees, eeeeep! I have never been in temperatures that cold and can't really get my head around how to dress for it, If anyone has any tips please comment below. I figure I will have to rug up when walking around but am unsure about if that will then mean being to warm and uncomfy inside if I am wearing thermals. Again any tips, please leave comments! :) Also any must see, do ideas are more than welcome. xx

Be Mine Clip On Heart Earrings - Tokyo

Unicorn Badge - Nile Perch
Candy Heart Love Neclace - WEGO

Ruffle Sweetheart Dress - Nadia

Lazy Oaf Waste of Time Ruffle Socks - Dollskill
Holographic Snake Print Oxfords - ASOS

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