Tuesday, 11 July 2017


I did have grand plans to be super productive and get stuck into sewing during the uni holidays but I've spent half of it with back pain and am now sick. I think sometimes it's good for your body to force you to take it easy and relax. I have been thoroughly enjoying finally watching Ru Paul's drag race on Stan, the fashion and outfits are amazing. I got my first semester results back and I am happy with how I went but also motivated to manage my time better so that I can do even better next semester. The only other exciting news I have to share in this post is that I managed to get a Paul McCartney ticket so I am super excited to go and see him play in December xx

Vintage Gold Shell Belt - Thrifted this ages ago 
Mint Ice Cream Necklace - Melody Ehsani
Peach Mermaid Clam Shell Bag - Kids section at Kmart 
Vanilla Ice Cream Ring - Melody Ehsani

Pastel Striped Vintage Dress - American Vintage on Melrose

Ice Cream Socks - Asos
Mint Croc Stan Smiths - Adidas


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