Wednesday, 12 March 2014

PARIS FASHION WEEK - AUTUMN/WINTER 14-15 - la première partie


When the cold months hit, there are times when style is traded in for the comfort of wrapping yourself up in a cocoon made out of your doona.
Yohji Yamamaoto has proven that style does not need to be sacrificed for comfort with these stunning, abstract painted padded coats.


Divine, shimmer pleated detail at Veronique Branquinho.


The Queen of Punk fashion, true to her style, found inspiration in opposite ends of the scale.
This collection is inspired by the Ashaninka tribe in Peru, as well as being a loose interpretation of the House of Worth exhibition.


Cute prints at Devastee!


My introduction to Gareth Pugh was through a reality TV series called “Fashion House”, where 20 designers are vying for an internship with Stella McCartney.
He quickly became one of my favourites.
It wasn’t Pugh’s aesthetic that drew me in - it differed so much from my own person style. It was his thought process when designing. He appeared to be able to see things in a way no one else could and then translate them into such beautiful, thoroughly thought out concepts.
In one particular episode, designer duo DSQUARED2, was judging the creations made that week and suggested to Pugh that he would make a better costume designer.
This futuristic, ice queen collection makes me thankful he didn’t take this advice and we continue to get the pleasure of his magnificent collections at Fashion Week.


Getting Tropical at Tsumori Chisato!


I absolutely adore this collection; it is sexy meets cute in a perfect pair.
It is fun and sassy from beginning to end. There are the magician’s assistants, outfits perfect for the Pink Ladies of Grease and a wonderful tumble down the rabbit’s hole straight into wonderland.

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