Saturday, 15 March 2014

PARIS FASHION WEEK - AUTUMN/WINTER 14-15 - la deuxième partie


My initial reaction when I saw this range was a strong nostalgia to sit down and re watch the episode of “Little Audrey” where she dreams of the magical place “Cake Land”.
 This colourful, sugar rush, extravaganza is a collection that I feel like you would really need to see up close to appreciate all of the sweet details.
Beyond the obvious candy inspiration, there was a clear influence from the traditional Tibetan dress in the styling, bright colours and functional shapes.
I will be adding the sneakers and heart shaped bags to my “Fashion Weeks Lust list”.


Unicorns at Valentino!



The weird and the wonderful!
I am going to be totally honest and most likely come across as a bit of a dork, but here goes; I love this because it reminds me of elephants and I adore elephants. 


I get just as excited to see the concept of a Chanel show, as I do to see the actual garments.
Karl Largerfield has certainly outdone himself with this virtual supermarket - every item branded to perfection with the Chanel touch.

Not everyone feels this way but I have always loved supermarket shopping. Sometimes just to wander down the aisles looking at the new products, I can’t help but feel that everyone would share my pleasure of this task, if they were doing it in Chanel.
This collection is just like the supermarket; full of delicious treats and something that will appeal to everyone’s taste (maybe not budget).



I have been eyeing off a Clear Rain Mac on ASOS for a few weeks now. I have been trying to be (a little bit) sensible with my fashion purchases lately and have been umming and ahhing as to whether or not I really need it.

Scrolling though Miu Miu’s preppy, pastel parade, complete with Clear Rain Mac has confirmed that yes, this is an essential purchase!


I avoid the comments on the Sarah Burton era of Alexander McQueen shows at all costs because it leads me to feeling frustrated and defensive.
Without fail, there is always the follow “It is overworked” and “It is ruining the McQueen Legacy”; two statements I think are said for the sake of having an opinion and I am yet to agree with either one.
Alexander McQueen would easily be in my top 5 favourite designers of all time. I think that his innovation, creativity and brilliance were something that is so incredibly rare.
In the same breath, I think that Sarah Burton does a magnificent job in carrying forward the shining McQueen torch.
I found this collection to be both ethereal and powerful at the same time.Ghost like makeup and collars reminiscent of the ones worn during the times of the Salem Witch trials.
A time that is familiar in the designs of the house of McQueen. In the 2007 Alexander McQueen collection “In Memory of Elizabeth Howe, Salem 1692”, paid tribute to his ancestors, who had been condemned in the trials.
The palette showing the white and the black witch, both with a feminine strength. 

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