Saturday, 12 April 2014


As part of China Fashion week, there is a knitwear and eco designs competition that takes place to promote new designers and provide a supportive platform for the knitwear industry. I can sew, but no matter how many lessons my Granny gave me, I couldn’t quite get my head around knitting. This has given me an immense respect and admiration for the craft that is behind beautiful knitwear.

The theme for this years competition was “Youth Style", which drew participants from 26 regions and cities. It was a remarkable showcase of talent but I was instantly sold on the donut neck piece and was in agreement with the judges on their selection of Chen Yangtao, from Jiangxi Province as the winner for her collection entitled “Fairy Tales.”

Outside of this, it was really hard to find any coverage or news on China Fashion Week other than a lot of models fell over on the catwalk. So here is the collection, with the big shoes that caused the tumbles.

SECCRY Hu Sheguang

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