Monday, 8 December 2014


I have been talking (whinging) about my spending ban over the last month or so, I will admit to a tiny break in it. I purchased a kids pink retro looking Adidas t-shirt from a thrift store the other week, based on my previous spending habits I am still feeling pretty impressed with myself.  
The spending ban will be continuing but I can now share with you the reason behind it, after 8 years in Melbourne I am moving back to the place I have always called home, Newcastle. I officially resigned from my role at the head office for Converse today, it was a really difficult decision to make as I really love my job and moving back to Newcastle will mean no fashion head office roles will be available to me.
Over the last few years, after each trip to Newcastle I have found it harder and harder to come back to Melbourne. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss the beach and the general life style up there.
I have discussed many times with my best friend about moving home and the conversation would always end in the same way, me saying that I wasn't done with Melbourne. I could never really come up with a reason as to what exactly that meant, it was just a feeling. Like I said I love my job and that was a big thing keeping me here and of course there is the amazing friends I have made down here but it was something more. I started to realise that maybe It wasn't that there was something keeping me here but rather there wasn't a good enough reason to move home. I have recently had an amazing person come into my life who provided that good reason to move, he inspires and motivates me more than anyone I have ever met and I am really looking forward to the future and the adventures to be had. If I get a bit slack with my posts over the next month it is because I am huge ball of stress, in packing hell. I am parting with some things in my wardrobe which you can check out on instagram at @hbhbcloset., this is the first time I have ever sold clothing and it has been quite an overwhelming and emotional process for me.  
Into this weeks outfit post, hope you didn't miss me too much last week hehe :) First outfit for Summer had to be filled with gingham. Gingham would have to be my most favourite summer print.xo
 Gingham Hair Bow - Sportgirl - Grabbed this in Black/White and Pink/White, super cute and have wire inside of the fabric so no effort to get a cute bow
Deborah Harry Badge - Found this in an old jewelley box when I was cleaning things out, have no idea where it came from.

Pink Gingham Skirt - Ebay I did contact the seller I purchased this skirt off to see if they had anymore stock as a few babes on Instagram were interested in it, unfortunately I had no luck and they were completely sold out. This also came in a mint and a lilac and I am seriously regretting not getting every colour way.


  1. I'm sure you made the right decision in the end- although it sounds like you really did love your old job I'm sure the next phase of your life will be even better!
    Hopefully with selling bits of your wardrobe you'll have a new sense of direction and style too :)