Monday, 24 November 2014


Even though it is only Tuesday, this is already feeling like a very hectic and long week. At the moment I feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day and am setting myself extensive to do lists every night in attempt to cram everything in before a relaxing weekend away in Newcastle. I don’t currently plan on taking my camera with me, so I may be skipping over an outfit post next week.

At the end of last week I went fabric shopping to check on some stock for custom orders and grabbed the last bolt of scale fabric for the “Mermaid Scale Sweater.” 

I still have enough to make a couple of more so if you are interested in one please email me at . I am thoroughly enjoying sewing again and next year I really want to get a bit more focused with it and start making more garments to sell a bit more regularly.

A cool thing happened over the weekend, I woke up on Sunday and noticed a bit of an influx of followers on my instagram and was trying to work out where my new pals had come from. I received a comment from a lady from saying that I had been posted on their instagram! I was pretty chuffed about this, especially considering I was wearing a top that I had made. I went to check out the post and my excitement pretty quickly turned to hurt feelings when I read some of the things people were saying. I’ve never experienced negativity directed towards me online and I guess it caught me off guard. I am making this sound a lot worse than it was, there was maybe 3 or 4 nasty comments amongst really lovely ones,  I am not sure why we do this as humans but I instantly focused on the negative ones. I’ve never been a person to say unkind things on the internet. If I see something I don’t like I just keep scrolling, or if I dislike it enough, I unfollow.  I think I find it really hard to relate to why someone would take the time out of their day to be nasty and negative, why bother? Or if they value their time so little that they are willing to waste it, maybe they could hand me over a few hours! If I see someone wearing an outfit that isn’t my taste or doesn’t make sense to me, the thought process is more along the lines of, if they love what they are wearing and feel good about themselves, good for them. 

Luckily I had my boyfriend visiting for the weekend and he managed to get me to refocus on the positive of the situation, he is incredibly talented (*embarrassing proud girlfriend) 

 and makes drumming you tube videos and has experienced “internet meanies.”  He told me some of the silly things people had written about him and put things into perspective, we had a giggle and I realised that I wasn’t going to let a couple of nasty comments take away from something I was happy about.

I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion and having an opinion is exactly what I am doing with this post but I think that some times in the technology age, people forget that there is a real person behind the image they are commenting on. Just because you have this space (the Internet) to put every single thought you have out there, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it with out a bit of thought and care, or maybe not put it out there at all because it really isn't adding but rather taking something away .
Well now I've got that little bit of my chest back to this weeks outfit post. For the last outfit post for spring I had to go with a bit of a floral theme xo 
 Diamante Flower Necklace - Vintage

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