Sunday, 2 November 2014


Happy Halloween ! Hope you all had a fantastic one filled with lots of candy. My plans for Halloween were to sit at home, eat pizza and watch Edward Scissor hands - action packed . I received a message from a friend on the morning of Halloween  inviting me to a show he was playing and had to frantically try to organise a costume in my lunch break. Thankfully my local thrift store came through with the goods and I found a long, white, satin dress, my plans to cover it in fake blood completely devastated the dear old lady who works there. 
The $2.00 store provided me with the flowers, the fake blood and a tiara.
Bit of a frantic, rush job when I got home...
and voila... Carrie! sorry for the crappy photos, they were taken on my mobile phone and I didn't have time to take better ones. 

This weeks outfit post continues on the Halloween theme but is a little more pink and cute... xo
Tarantula Knit - Hayley Elsaesser
Pastel Skull Necklace - Diva

Skirt - DIY - I completely forgot to take a close up photo of the bottom edge of this skirt so you wont be able to see but it has an amazing skull lace trim. I adore this fabric and had initial bought it to make a cushion and never got around to it, it was a spur of the moment decision to make it into a skirt. In all honesty I am not 100% happy with the shape of it because I was working with a limited amount of fabric and it is the reason I haven't really got a great deal of wear out of it. 

Still (amazingly) going strong with my spending ban, it has actually been a lot easier than I expected!

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  1. recognised that Hayley Elsaesser sweater straight away! She's absolutely killing it atm and I couldn't believe that skirt was a diy it looks so good!
    You make an excellent Carrier <3