Tuesday, 28 February 2017

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY - Day nine and ten feat. Melody Ehsani, Japan LA, American vintage and Melrose Avenue

Most of the day was spent travelling from New York to Los Angeles. It was so lovely waiting outside at LAX and feeling too warm in my thick Lazy Oaf jacket. We caught a ride to our accommodation in North Hollywood, a gorgeous hotel with a cute retro aesthetic. I instantly had a good feeling getting into LA, a combination of the sunshine, the view over looking a pool and just what felt like a huge difference in the demeanor of the few people I had interacted with. People seemed happier, more smiles, more casual friendly hello's. We headed to the local supermarket, Ralphs and got some supplies and then grabbed some Mediterranean from a place called Shish for dinner. The highlight was meeting this cutie named Elliot.
The food was delicious and was followed by an early night sleep.

Headed straight into Hollywood to check out some of the touristy attractions. Starting at the Capitol building we started following the stars of the Hollywood walk of fame. 
We dropped into Ameoba Music which is a massive record store filled to the brim with records, tapes, c.d's, books and apparel. 

 The song I was named after :)
6400 Sunset Blvde, Los Angeles

 Twining with the gumball machine wearing my Saturday Lollipop necklace
Nothing over than the name of this cafe had anything to do with Snow White
 Rita Hayworth's lil cute heel print making my feet look hugeeee (Outside of the 
Chinese Theatre)
Of all the starts we saw John Denver was my favourite, he has been my favourite singer since I was a little girl. I use to make up dance routines to "Thank god I'm a country boy" and really wanted to be on the Bert Newton show haha. Still to this day John Denver holds a very, very special place in my heart. He is a singer I will love forever,you can probably see how chuffed I am in the photo. The close up photo of John Denver's star is a pretty accurate representation of what the stars all look like, they are pretty grubby in person. Still really cool to check out! There were a lot of other touristy things we could of done wax museums, Ripley's believe it or not museum, tours.. but we decided to give them a miss.

My partner had been telling me about an amazing vegetarian places called Veggie Grill that he had been to before I arrived and we decided to have lunch there so I could try it out. I got the grillin' chicken burger and it was absolutely delicious. I love how all the restaurants over here have a strawberry flavored drink, super into it.
800 Sunset Blvde, Hollywood

For dessert we went to a donut shop I had found on instagram called California Donuts.From the outside it wasn't much to look at, the blinds were all closed and a bit tatty looking. We almost didn't go in because I thought I had maybe got the store wrong. I am glad we went in because I ended up getting the cutest panda donut.
3540 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

We had ended up pretty close to Hollywood Forever Cemetery and went in to pay our respects to the late great Johnny Ramone.  The grounds are really amazing, I felt kind of weird about walking around a cemetery but when we bumped into a gang of about 10 stray cats I was pretty glad to be there. Someone must feed them, it was weird and kind of beautiful seeing the cats laying about on the grave stones. I couldn't help feeling a little bit home sick for my beautiful cats back at home.
6000 Santa Monica Blvde
Los Angeles 

Next stop was the number one shop I wanted to visit in L.A, Melody Ehsani.

424 1/2 N Fairfax Avenue 
Los Angeles

The store was amazing and I wandered around in an overwhelmed daze. I did a bit of shopping from a pre planned wish list because as expected,  being in-store made me want to buy everything, the collab with My Melody is everything. You'll be able to check out the goodies I got in my upcoming you tube video.  Another thing to add was that the staff were absolutely lovely, so helpful and with great product knowledge. It was probably the best customer service experience I had the whole trip. 10/10 would recommend a visit.
The Melody Ehsani store is walking distance from Melrose Avenue so we made our way there for more shopping adventures. The first store I went into on Melrose the  World of Vintage T-Shirts, I was initially drawn in by a super cutie Minnie Mouse shirt in the window as well as the amazing statues they have out the front. I was very impressed to find rack after rack of fantastic vintage t.shirts, this quickly turned to disappointment when I saw the price tag. I am not willing to pay $95 for a vintage Disney tee, especially not when I had paid less than a third of that a few days earlier. The guy who worked there was also super overbearingly pushy which made me want to get out of there pretty quickly. Unless you are after a really specific vintage shirt and willing to pay some serious bucks for it, I wouldn't bother with this store.
7701 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles

We had been trying to hunt down some good shows to check out while we were in L.A and walked past the record store Headline Records and went in the hopes of finding some flyers for local shows. We didn't have any luck with the flyers but did manage to pick up a copy of LA Weekly and the guy who worked there was really nice and tried to point us in the right direction of places to check out for shows.
7706 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles
The next store ended up being my favourite second hand store on Melrose, it reminded me a little bit of my favourite vintage store back at home, the lolly factory. Great range and really reasonably priced, it isn't cheap like what you would find at salvo's but I am happy to pay what is almost like a finders fee to avoid sifting when I have limited time.  Highly recommend this store especially if you are on the hunt for cute vintage dresses,
Was hoping these mens trousers would fit so I could wear them as slouchy oversized pants (boyfriend cut) but they swum on me, super bummed :(
7575 Melrose Aveue, 
Los Angeles

Obviously there a whole heap of stores on Melrose Avenue and these are just a couple I popped into, one more worth mentioning is a store I have followed on instagram for ages. The absolutely adorable and super kawaii, Japan LA. Hello Kitty lovers, you will be in heaven.

Kind of regret not getting these Iron Fist ballet flats...
7320 Melrose Avenue,
Los Angeles

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