Wednesday, 1 March 2017

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY - Day Eleven - Universal Studios

Next on the list of essential things to do in L.A, was spend the day at Universal Studios. The hotel we stayed at had a free shuttle to Universal Studios but we hadn't checked the times the night before and as we walked out we had just missed one. We decided to catch an uber there instead as it was super cheap and the next shuttle only ran hourly, only after a quick visit to Starbucks of course :).

We didn't pre buy tickets and just grabbed them at the door, I think you can save a little bit of money by pre buying them online. We also made sure we went on a week day to avoid peak times as we didn't want to fork out the extra money for a front of the line ticket. I know that for most people the highlight of Universal would be Harry Potter but I will admit I am not a Harry Potter fan. I know this will shock and disgust most people but I just never really got into it, I've never read the books and I have seen maybe the first movie. I think maybe I was a bit too old by the time it became popular so it doesn't have the nostalgia for me. What does have nostalgia for me is The Simpsons, I feel like I was practically raised by that show. I was super excited to check out The Simpsons section of the park.


The first ride for the day was The Simpsons Ride which is a simulated ride, I am not very good with VR and spent the first bit with my eyes closed. After the first minute It seemed to be less jolty and I managed to open my eyes and enjoy the ride. Was one of my favourite rides of the day once I adjusted. As we were walking around The Simpsons part of the park I spotted a donut the size of my head and made a mental note to ensure I had one of those before I left.
 Even though I am not a Harry Potter fan like I said it was still a really impressive part of the park. In order to go on the main ride you had to check your bags in the locker room and unfortunately my partners back pack wouldn't fit in so we didn't end up going on.
The walking dead ride was amazing, it was just a walk through one but it felt so real. Don't miss this one!
Amazing view from the park, it really is a massive space so make sure you wear super comfy shoes because you need to do a lot of walking to see everything.
I had pre looked up to make sure they had vegetarian options at Universal and decided that the Jurassic Park area offered the best options so we there for lunch.
The food was alright and actually not to expensive which was a pleasant surprise.
 The best ride of the whole day was the studio tour, I'll post a few pictures but I wont write about what happens. I don't want to spoil it in case you are planning on going there. All I can say is that even if there is a big line it is worth the wait.
The park is only open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and because the park is so spread out plus ride lines the day goes very quickly. It was time for the most important thing.......

Everything's coming up Milhouse xx

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