Friday, 14 April 2017

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY -Day Sixteen pt 1 - Lichtenstein at the Skirball Cultural Center

Dressed up in one my new vintage dresses and a super cute roller skate brooch from Japan,  it was time to hit the Roy Liechtenstein exhibition. In high school I was all about pop art and adored Lichtenstein's work, one of his artworks had been the inspiration behind an appropriated sculpture/mix media pieces I had created in year 9. I was pretty pleased to find his exhibition was on via the LA weekly website. We caught an uber out to the Skirball Cultural Center and didn't eat before hand which was perfect because they had lot's of amazing vegetarian options at the cafe and reasonably priced.  Pre-warning this post is image heavy
Mint Adidas sneakers from New York

This was amazing, we weren't sure if you were suppose to walk in there, we figured better not just to be safe. 
 My favourite

There was an ongoing exhibition called "Visions and Values" that shows some of the journeys throughout Jewish history. It was such a culturally rich and beautiful exhibition but also very emotional and devastating. I didn't take photos in certain parts of the exhibition, it didn't seem appropriate.

Photos don't do this justice, the hand embroidery on this took my breathe away. 

The last exhibition we went to was called Noah's Ark and I think it was probably meant for kids but whatever, young until i die, it was so fun and great. Animals were made out of the most unusual recycled materials and the working contraptions they had were phenomenal. 
A crocodile out of an old violin case!
 the little baby is made of gloves - so clever
 At the end of the exhibition we got the opportunity to draw pictures that would be made in placements to be given to children in hospital. Which we felt very lucky to be given the opportunity to do.
There will be a part 2 of day sixteen xxx

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