Wednesday, 12 April 2017

LOS ANGELES TOUR DIARY - Day thirteen, day fourteen

I think sometimes when you are on holidays you almost forget you need down days. My partner and I are terrible with late nights, and the show and then the long drive home from Long Beach meant a much needed sleep in. We ended spending the whole of the day being lazy, eating food and hanging at the hotel. 
So many good veg/vegan options at the supermarkets

Early start and spent the morning helping out on a project, which you can check out here.
Of course I had to wear earrings to match the theme of the shoot, my new Melody Eshani ones were perfect :)
We hand't decided on anything specifically to do for the afternoon so we went for a wander and found a Target. I had been curious to see what America Target was like in comparison to the Australian ones. It was kind of boring but I took a few photos of the handful of cute thing I found. I did end up buying a pack of Disney Princesses Lip Smackers, so I was pleased with that.
I think when you wander aimlessly you always seem to end up in the same places and we found ourselves back on Melrose.

I was glad to be back on Melrose though because we found this amazing second hand market,which had a $5 entry fee. The bad news was that it was now 4:30 pm and the market closed at 5:00 pm, so I ran around frantically trying to see everything and instead kind of saw nothing. BUT I did stop in at the stall that sold patches and started chatting to the guy who worked there. He was English and instantly picked my Australian accent and said that if I was interested in markets I absolutely had to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I firmly added it to my list of things to do.

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