Tuesday, 24 June 2014

GET THE LOOK - All Things Unicorn

When I was 5 years old, we moved in with my beautiful Granny for a period. I have two strong memories of her house, one was the rosary beads she use to give me to sleep with when I was having bad dreams and the second was an ethereal painting of a unicorn in a forest, that hung above my bed. The painting had belonged to my Aunty and I would lay in bed staring at it and daydreaming about the little unicorn jumping out of the painting and curling up on my lap. 

Many years later I can now have best of  both worlds, my adorable cats Ruby Soho and Lil Foot curled up on my lap and magical unicorns all through my wardrobe. xo


  1. I love unicorns I even have a unicorn tattoo! so this post was awesome and I love your blog! :)



  2. ooh i love all the stuff)Its amazing)want everything))