Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I've recently rekindled my love for sewing. I think sometimes with creative passions you end up in ruts and need to take a little break but it's always such a wonderful feeling to be excited about it again. Over the last year I have done simple alterations or taken in a vintage piece but I haven’t dreamt up a piece and made it come to life. I struggle with winter fashion because I really feel the cold and I find it so difficult to find cute pieces that are actually warm. This time last year I released a capsule collection of two printed sweaters to fulfill this hole in my wardrobe but this year I haven’t had the time to put into it or the funds to invest and have put it on hold for now. I started to daydream about my perfect sweater and put together this pastel, mermaid crew neck. My sewing skills are a little rusty and this was the first time I had ever worked with the fabric used on the sleeves (not something I am in a rush to do again). I had initially planned on putting together a tutorial with a beginner sewer in mind but it just isn’t the right fabric for a beginner to be working with and I wouldn’t want to leave you feeling as frustrated as I was hehe. So here is the final product and an outfit themed around DIY. 
Pastel Mermaid Crew Neck - DIY

Pastel Heart Skirt - DIY - This was initial a kids tee that I wore once (the below is the only before shot I have) that I decided would get more wear out of as a skirt.

Pastel Bracelet - I admired this DIY bracelet on a lovely lady that works at my local supermarket and the next time I came in, she had made me one :)
Pastel Rainbow Necklace - Lovisa

 Lilac Knee High Socks - ASOS
Converse Pink Platforms - Authentics

Keeping in the spirit of DIY I took a trip out to Spotlight on the weekend. This is always a solo mission because I have a tendency to fall into a time warp and spend hours wandering the aisles and day dreaming about various projects I want to do. The problem is by the time I get home I have had such a sensory overload that i have forgotten nearly everything I have seen. I have set a very strict rule for myself that I am not allowed to purchase fabric unless I have a specific project in mind because I have a tiny little dollhouse of an apartment that already has a blanket box full of hoarded fabric. I am sharing a little photo log of some of the things that inspired me and also as a reminder to myself of upcoming DIY projects.

And a few little cute things I saw on the way home :) xo

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