Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I came across this super cute DIY Pink Sprinkle Cupcake Shoe tutorial and was inspired to attempt a bag version of it. Hopefully this will be the beginning of more DIY projects ...xo

This is a thrifted vintage bag that I really like the shaped of. It's a fair bit darker than the base of a cupcake but If I was cooking it would probably get burnt... so accurate for me :)

Once you have decided on the bag you want to decorate you will need:
- Sprinkles - When I was buying these they also had heart and dinosaur shape ones which would look amazing but for the first attempt I thought I would go with the standard.
- Acrylic Paint - I am using the same paint that was used in the video which is also the brand I would buy for other projects. If you decide to go with a different brand make sure the consistency of the paint is thick, some of the cheaper brands can be a bit runny. 
- Clear Nail Polish
- Masking Tape

These will be pretty similar steps to the video but I will still go through them all. 
First step is to tape around the sides of the bag, this will give you a neater finish on the edges. If you are worried about getting paint on the rest of the bag, tape it everywhere you don't want the paint. 

Add squiggled lines across the bag that will be like where the frosting drips on a cupcake, don't stress too much about this being neat and perfect. I alternated between using a knife and a spoon to spread my paint (frosting), I found a spoon was needed to get into the smaller spaces. I am not a baker and could honestly count on one hand the amount of times I have iced a cake, if you are a baker you'll probably get a much neater finish!  

Leave paint to dry - I left mine for two days as the paint is quite thick.

Paint on your clear nail polish and then put on your sprinkles, this can get a little messy!

I started painting over the sprinkles with clear nail polish as a sealer but I got impatient with how long it was taking and poured it on. Don't do this... it did cause the sprinkles to bleed a little bit. After I had coated all the sprinkles and let it dry I still felt like a lot of sprinkles were falling off and wasn't happy with the finish. 

I had a can of this permanent gloss finish sitting around at home and decided that I would give it a try and it seems to have done the trick. 

Re-tape the bag and spray over the sprinkled area, I used three coats. This dries pretty quickly but follow the instructions on the can.

And voila! A Cupcake bag that looks good enough to eat. xo

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